Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good New ~ Bad News

Good News!  I finished my Secret Santa wall hanging for our Guild swap!  Bad news...I can't find the pictures of the finished piece!  

It's been a crazy couple weeks, lot's of things going on.  The hustle and bustle of the season.  Sewing, gift making, shops to run.  If that isn't enough we have been getting the outside of our house painted and having a water heater on the fritz!

So, I suppose it's possible I didn't even take pictures of the wall hanging.  It is possible.  I am happy to say that Kate Alicea loved it!  She requested something bright.  She loves Anna Maria Horner and Kaffe Fasset.  I was happy about that!  And since I wanted to make feathers...this was the perfect time to do just that!

I decided I wanted to ROYGBIV something.  The bold, bright fabrics tipped the scales in that direction.  What I did take pictures of was just the top.  And each feather.  Imagination will be required for the remainder of this post!

The finished size ended up being 24" x 33".  I did straight line quilting that turned out amazing.  You will have to trust me on that one!  The back was a gorgeous floral.  I honestly loved it!




I had a wonderfully fun time making this.  I got to try something I had wanted to try, use some of my favorite fabrics and Kate Alicea was happy!  Win, Win!

This is a project I will revisit again.  On a bigger scale.  And I cannot wait!

Here is the link to Anna Maria Horners tutorial for the feathers:  Feathers Bed Quilt

If you live in or around Nashville and are looking for a Modern Quilt Guild, here is the link to our guild:  Music City Modern Quilt Guild


Saturday, December 13, 2014

...And The Winners Are...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!  Wasn't it a lot of fun?!  

I appreciate the comments, new/old followers and the wonderful response to my giveaway! It seems Rudolph is the favorite Reindeer of all!

I hope to take my blog in a new direction this new year, so please come back once in a while!  Check up on me!

(anxiously awaiting the winners) 

I did pick three lucky winners who I will email right after this post!

The winner of the 'I, Me, Mine' Basket Trio/Fabric is:

The Dear Stella Charm Pack goes to:

And lastly, the Hand Dyed Fat Quarters now belong to:

Once again thank you...thank you...thank you!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Fun New Twist!

I was contacted by a potential customer through Etsy about making a set of custom potholders. She wondered if I could I make them smaller, could I change the shape and could she get them by December 20th.  Hmmm...let me see!

This is the set she was interested in.  Classic black and red abstract.    

Abstract Pot Holders
After I said 'of course I can', it really got me thinking.  I love when a customer (or anyone) throws an idea out there!  It makes me think, it makes me imagine the possibilities!  I thought what a brilliant idea.  This design would work perfectly with a non-traditional shape.  

Once I pieced the potholders together, I cut a couple shapes in the size she was after and sent pictures to her.  She was very happy and gave her approval.  Now I had to get to work!

This is what I had to work with.  Very similar to the listing she liked, but with all my kitchen items, they are one-of-a-kind.

 These are the shapes decided upon.  As you can see...a little unconventional! 

I cut my backing, Insul-Bright and batting (X's two).  

After pinning the pieces together, I get to quilt them!  I usually have a rough idea of how I want to quilt potholders.  Because of the abstract design, basically anything goes!  

I try to keep each set similar in the quilting design, but they are definitely not exactly the same.

This was the fun part!  Cutting wonky irregular shapes!  Totally outside of the box!

I was a little hesitant when thinking about the binding.  Could I make it look good with the weird shape?  There is a little more fussing involved, but it did work.  Whew!  I just need to hand stitch the bindings and they will be done!  

Yes, hand stitching!  I know it would save some time to machine stitch bindings, which I have never tried to do.  It would take practice and some skill!  Maybe one day.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love to hand stitch.  It's like the last chapter in a book!

After the holidays I think I may add a couple of these to my shop.  There are plenty of people looking for something totally different, unique and maybe a little odd!  I have to thank my customer(s)!  Not only do I get great ideas from them, but they give me creative control! It's a weird feeling when that happens.  

FYI ~ Today is the last day to enter my Sew Mama Giveaway!  I have three prizes waiting for a new home!


Monday, December 8, 2014

YAY! SMS GIveaway Day!

I love Sew Mama Sew Blog.  I adore all the info, tutorials, interviews...everything!  Since having a blog, I have looked forward to the SMS Giveaways!  It's kind of my way of thanking everyone who visits, comments and with any luck follows my 'pride and joy' little blog!  Plus, it is a great way to discover new blogs/bloggers and perhaps even win a prize!

Are you ready?  Wanna win something fun?  Let's do it!

1st up for grabs, I have a delightful Trio of Fabric Baskets!  Not one, not two, but three! These have some adorable little chicks clucking through a field of spring green.  I went a little crazy putting my spin on them!  "I, ME, MINE" (Beatles Song) has been pieced across the baskets.  

You have a chance to win all three baskets and approximately 1/2 yard of matching fabric!   

 If it's in a basket it has to be mine! 


YAY to Free Fabric!!

The 2nd prize is one yard of hand dyed fabric!  An amazing assortment of 'Sand & Sea' colors hand dyed by me and my daughter.  Hand dyeing fabric is so much fun and I would love to share that with some lucky winner!

And last but not least, the 3rd and final prize!  

A few of the delightful prints in the pack!

A really huge charm pack of Dear Stella Spring 2013!  125 (OMG) different 5x5 prints! Amazing!  This pack is going to make a pretty awesome something-or-another!

You have 3 chances to win 3 prizes:

# 1.  Leave a comment tell me what your favorite reindeer name is!  Are you a die-hard Rudolph fan, or do you favor Blitzen?   Or better yet, make up a name! 

(HINT: and he whistled, and shouted, and call'd them by name: Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donder and  Blitzen!)

# 2.  Follow my BLOG and leave another comment saying you have done so.  If you already follow my blog leave a comment saying so.

# 3.  Follow me on INSTAGRAM  and leave yet another comment saying you have done that too!

• This giveaway is open to everyone. 

• If you’re a “no reply” or an anonymous commenter, include your email address in your 


• Giveaway ends December 12 at 7pm CST

• I will the winner using Random Generator and then announce the winner on my blog
  and notify via email.
Good luck!

Thank you for stopping by!  


Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Decision Has Been Made

Took me long enough!  For some reason it was a super tough decision on which iron to invest in.  Did I want to go with my favorite and risk the same fate as usual?  Or should I branch out and try something different?  

In my original post My Iron Is Incontinent ~ The Leaky Truth I received so many comments, suggestions and recommendations!  Thank you all for taking the time to respond!  It seems many of us have had the dreaded leaks!  Andy many of us are looking for a killer good iron too!

I put it off as long as I could.  Fought through more and more drips and puddles until I couldn't take it anymore!  I went with the Oliso Smart Iron.  My sister (who I look up to and trust wholeheartedly) suggested the Oliso.  

You really can't go wrong with pink either.  Plus, why not have a fun and pretty iron? They should make them in lime green!  IMO!

The big reveal!  ... nestled all snug in its bed... while visions of wrinkles danced in its head...

Getting ready to take this baby for a spin!

Let's hope this is true Oliso!  I have registered this iron just in case I need to use the warranty!  To be honest I have only burned my ironing board cover, never fabric or clothing. That wasn't a factor in my decision for getting this iron.  

Why did I choose this iron.  I wanted good (great) steam.  I wanted a higher quality iron (I hope) that will last a long time.  It is ergonomic, rapid heating, three steam settings, one pass pressing, very long cord and it has the ITouch technology.  Which is a little weird getting use to! Who leaves their irons flat after pressing... However, I do kind of like it! The good thing is if you don't want to use that technology you can disable it very easily.   

My test.  It seems to work pretty good!  I don't want to iron and iron until the wrinkles go away.  And I didn't have to with this iron!  YAY!  

The only thing I am really on the fence about with this iron is the soleplate.  I am so use to my old Iron gliding over the fabric with a stainless steel soleplate.  The Oliso has what they call a beadblast chromium finish.  I really feels different when ironing.  I'm not saying I hate it, just like the the ITouch technology it will take some getting use to. 

Bye~Bye old iron.  There's a new sheriff in town!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stripes & More Stripes!

Here it is December already!  Which brings a flurry of excitement and anticipation.  I can remember when I was a kid, waiting for birthdays, summertime and Christmas seemed to take forever to get here.  Now as an adult it seems like a blink of the eye!  

I decided I needed to work through some of my Kaffe Fasset Woven Stripes.  They have always been very popular in my Etsy shop.  Quilts, baby blankets or pot holders.  I think it has something to do with the warmth of the colors.  Rich and warm.  Plus, having 'gender neutral' items never hurts.  

First on my list is a twin quilt.  I can see this strewn across a couch, with a fire burning bright and the snow gently falling outside!

The background fabric is Kona Raffia.  I have used this neutral since the beginning of time (a few years anyway) and works well with the different stripe colors.  Right now its on hold. Hanging on my wall.  The front is finished, but I'm waiting for the backing fabric to arrive. Hurry up and get here!! 

While waiting, I moved on to baby blankets.  After making the above quilt the first time, I wanted to try the design in a baby blanket.  I wanted to create an updated modern version of a receiving blanket, something beautiful that could become an heirloom - almost a quilt but not quite!  

This is a standard design I have done over and over again.

But I like to throw together a random design occasionally!

I love flannel!  Cozy, snuggly and warm!

You would think I would be done with the stripes, right?!  Oh no...not me!  As I was making all these pieces, I wondered what the stripes would look like as feathers.  Yep! Feathers.

I used the free pattern from Anna Maria Horner ~ Feathers Bed Quilt.  If you have ever wanted to make feathers, this is a great pattern.  I wanted to make each feather different, so I meticulously pieced strips together.    

I haven't any idea what I will make these in to.  Maybe pillows?  But I love the stripe feathers!

Okay, enough with the stripes!  I bought yards and yards of these woven stripes and I'm slowly getting to the end of the bucket!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to getting some current stripes in all the beautiful colors!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gifts For The Family!

Busy time of the year, right?!  It happens every holiday.  Same time every year.  Sneaky, sneaky holidays ready to bite you in the butt!  I usually don't make many gifts for the holidays, just enough to put me in a slight panic!

Yesterday while sitting around wondering what I should do, I decided I wanted to make a Mini Quilt for my Mom.  Something sweet and pretty.  She lives in Minnesota and can't get around very well.  Damn age (that sneaks up on you too)!  I thought a 'little pretty' with color for those cold winter days was in order.  Plus, she would think of me and how much I love her every time she sees it!!  Win, Win! 

Last year I received a gift from my daughter Britt's best friend since kindergarten, Anne.  I blogged about it here:  A Sweet Surprise.  What better than a heart full of color and love?!

16" x 16"
I used all hand dyed fabrics, including the gray linen border.  I love the variations of color. Love the straight line quilting.  This is a quick project to make.  I think it may have taken me a couple hours.

The formula is simple.  Decide on fabric for the heart, and fabric for the background.  

20 ~ 2 1/2" squares for the heart
10 ~ HST's half background, half heart fabric
6 ~ 2 1/2" squares background fabric        

2 1/2" border strips

I'm pretty sure she will love it.  If nothing else it will make a wonderful LARGE mug rug!

This is the one Anne made for me!
Last minute gift ideas and gift giving runs in our family.  My husband is the same way. Last year a couple of weeks before Christmas he blurts out that he wished he had thought about it earlier to have me make place mats for his Mom & Step Dad.  It just was not going to happen at that time!  This year I surprised him and made a set!  Yep!  I'm thinking ahead this time!

12" x 18"
Paper pieced Hummingbird blocks (AKA Periwinkle Star).  I used this tutorial from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.  I was so happy to have found this tutorial!  

I enlarged the pattern so the blocks would be large enough to make place mats and not have to add a border.  

I love how these seams meet!  So very cool to me!  I'm pretty easily amused, I suppose! 

It's time to get back to quilting!  I have a twin size HST quilt and my Vice Versa BOM waiting in line.  

I have another project that needs to be quilted, but I can't share it yet!  It's a Secret Santa gift for a Music City Modern Quilt Guild member.  I would hate to ruin the surprise if she should see a blog post before!  But I cannot wait to share it!  And make another something, something like it!

How is your holiday gift making coming along?  Are you ahead of the game, behind the eight ball or right on target?