Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Twist :: 'Sew Many Colors' Aurifil Mini

I have been swapped with this and that, deadlines, deck name it, it's happening!  I think, I think I'm pretty well caught up!

So you know what that means?  Playtime!  I almost forgot how badly I wanted to make this amazing paper pieced mini by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill @Whole Circle Studio for Aurifil Thread. The pattern is called 'Sew Many Colors' and is a free download!  Plus, there's a contest that ends 3/31 (cutting close!) and I want to throw my hat in the ring!   

If you haven't seen Sheri's '270 Colors' quilt I highly recommend you check out her blog...amazing and the quilting...go see for yourself, I'll wait...Whether you are a die hard Aurifil user or an occasional user, you certainly can appreciate the entire composition of '270 Colors' quilt!

16" x 16"
My original plan was go rainbow!  Then ideas started flooding my brain and I was determined (or destined) to do something different.  What I came up with pretty much evolved along the way.  

The rules for the contest are as follows:
Enter your finished mini by 3/31
Voting on minis runs 4/1-4/15

Finished minis must use Aurifil threads and Kona® Cotton by Robert Kaufman to be eligible to win. Tell us about your “favorite 10”!  

Like I said, I was going to go all rainbow on this.  I even had fabrics pick that matched my thread. Then those voices started.  Telling me 'not again', 'change it up', 'use you imagination'!  I listened.  

I ended up pulling out my tote that has all my Kona Jelly Roll strips. Go blue, Go green, oh no no no...let's play with pinks and corals!  I only needed six colors for the full Aurifil spools. It worked pretty perfectly!  The orange spool color is Kona Tangerine, which couldn't be more perfect!


These spools went together pretty easily.  The hardest part was the skinny orange spool parts. Truth is, I used my glue stick to hold those pieces down when it was time to sew the sections together.  

Note: The blank section.  It will become clear at the end!


These three are my standby colors.  The three thread colors that I use ALL the time.  Each spool is in varying stages of 'more or less', but the one I use the most...seems to always have next to nothing left!  That would be white!  I use it for piecing, for quilting and hand stitching.  No stash should be without!

See what I mean?!  I tried to make the spools in the mini to match my actual on hand thread reality!

As you can see my white is history!  Which also meant I didn't have any white for quilting. One big conundrum!  What was I going to do for thread?  Quilting?  I knew then and there I was going to have some improvising to do.

I used a combination of colors:  #2425 Bright Pink, #2312 Cream, #2026 Chalk and #2615 Aluminum.  The spools are 'spouting' bright pink!  Kind of like a thead-a-bration! (celebration) 

The tenth spool is my phantom spool.  A color I don't have, a color I really want!  What should it be?  If you could only pick one color, what would you pick?  

I'm thinking it's time to add to my thread stash with a good old variegated thread.  That's why it's blank. My future purchase!

The backing is Kona Salmon which fit in with the color story on the front.  I used a couple of the jelly roll strips for the binding and viola!  A complete finish!  Not bad for a last minute under the gun finish!

I will add my mini to the contest link today!  If you want to vote on April 1st or if you just want to see what others have done with their minis, Click here:  'Favorite 10' and check it out!

It's a pretty quick finish and super fun.  I loved the design as it was and I was tempted to make it step by step as is.  The problem is I always (almost always) like to put my mark or my special twist patterns.  The original design is amazing!  It sparked my imagination and inspired me to take it in a different direction, yet keep the 'bones' intact!

What is your main squeeze...your main go to color of thread?  


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Needle & Foot Giveaway Winner!

I can't tell you how much fun I had participating in Bernie's Grand Opening Celebration!  I'm so thankful she asked me to be a part of her new adventure!  It not only was exciting and let me work with some amazing fabrics, but I also got to try a pattern that has been on my list for a long, long time!

Thanks to everyone who threw their name in the hat!  But enough of that!!  The winner, who was chosen by The Random Number Generator is.....

Congratulations Nancy!  Have fun shopping at Needle & Foot!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March Madness :: Are You With Me?!

Here we go again!  March Madness Mad For Solids 2017  begins on Monday!  I'll tell you right now the competition is stiff, everyone brought their 'A' game and are ready to fight for a spot in the finals! 

Mad For Solids 2017
Sixteen (16) quilters were asked curate a bundle of eight (8) from the Painter's Palette Solids.   When faced with 168 colors you can imagine how hard it would be to narrow it down to just eight! But it was done, and done very well!  Check out the bundles on the Inspired By Fabric blog and you'll see just what I'm talking about!

There are a lot of heavy hitters in the game!  I'm pretty sure I'll not make it to the next round after seeing all the bright, bold and beautiful bundles I'm up against!  I'm just thankful I got to play along!

Here's the Voting Schedule:

Monday, 3/27: voting in games 1 and 2
Tuesday, 3/28: voting in games 3 and 4
Wednesday, 3/29: voting in games 5 and 6
Thursday, 3/30: voting in games 7 and 8
Friday, 3/31: announce Elite Eight

Monday, 4/3: voting in games 9 and 10
Tuesday, 4/4: voting in games 11 and 12
Wednesday, 4/5: announce Final Four and voting for games 13 and 14
Thursday, 4/6: announce championship game and voting

Friday, 4/7: announce winner

You are the deciding factor in these games!!  Each game you can vote for your favorite bundle. The bundle with the most votes moves on the the next round.  Until we are left with the one bundle...who took it all!

Voting will take place on the Inspired by Fabric blog and Instagram and you can vote one time each in both places per game.

The winning bundle’s creator will receive an additional 6 yards of solids.  Two randomly drawn voters from the championship game will receive 1/4 yard cuts of the winning bundle.   

Make sense?  Worth playing along?  Now that all the 'rules' are stated, I'd like to show you my bundle!


"Bye Bye Winter…Hello Spring! One of the first signs of Spring is the soft, delicate lichen that grows around the big tree in my backyard. If you look closely you can see an array of colors that only nature has to offer. That is until I picked this bundle of fabric! The different shades of green are most prominent in Lichen, yet there is are subtle shades of blue and teal. My bundle is all about Nature…Natural ombre colors!"

After a fresh rain the colors pop!  I was mesmerized when I looked closer and never would have thought there were so many different colors in this seemingly boring Lichen.  I was inspired and carefully tried to recreate the colors in my bundle.  Nature is amazing, don't you think?

The beginning of Spring seems to bring a desire for color.  After a long winter of drab and cold were all ready for that!  I enjoy seeing how Spring slowly appears with the budding of trees, the first hint of that fresh growth, the tiny little sprouts popping up everywhere.  It's like quilting!  You start of slowly by cutting the fabric, it picks of steam for the piecing and then just like that...the explosion of color happens!

I hope you go and vote for your favorite bundle!  I would love your vote on my bundle...but pick your favorite...your going to have a hard time deciding!


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Modern By The Yard :: Table Runner

I can now share my publication news!  I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been given to share my craft.  Modern By The Yard E-Zine Issue #4 is out!  It is aptly named 'Color Infusion', full of color and fabulous projects for everyone!  Oh and its free to everyone! 

Modern By The Yard E-Zine Issue #4
I guess you could say I'm a Cover Girl!  Well, my table runner is!  'Technicolor Rainbow' is bursting with bright and bold colors.  

Originally when I designed this runner, it was with a totally different line of Benartex fabric. When I found out that line was not quite ready to be released it was scramble time!  I ended up going with 'Dreamscape' which has everything I love...color, texture and depth.  Plus, it had the perfect assortment of rainbow colors to work with.

I wish I had pictures of each step, but it was a very tight timeline and I needed to get it done! I'll share my one picture and promise to do better next time!

This is a quick and easy project for beginners or for those who would like to have a quick finish. The pattern is right there between the virtual pages of Modern By The Yard E-Zine!

I was really shocked and jumping for joy when I saw the photo shoot pictures!  They couldn't be more perfect.  Squeal!!

As always I would love to see your take on this design.  What fabrics would use use? Would you take it in the rainbow direction?  Feel free to email a picture: twiggyandopal (at) gmail (dot) com or tag me on Instagram: @twiggyandopal

One last thing, there is still time to enter my giveaway hosted by Needle & Foot!  Click here to enter: