Friday, March 22, 2019

I was in a Mood :: Two Moods!

I wasn't planning on this...but it happened.  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and let things happen.  In between a couple projects I was wondering what I should work on next.  While contemplating the next step, I came across a stack of 8" Me + You Indah Batik Hexagons.  I had two sets of these and actually made a rainbow quilt with the print blocks, but the solids were still there...waiting.  


Why not!  May as well use them while the mood is right!  I had almost every color I needed to complete a rainbow with the exception of two colors.  No problem...I have plenty of solids to round out the spectrum!

The only thing I had to do is cut the Kona Snow triangles.  Pretty easy and fast.  Last time I used these hexagons in a quilt I sewed the rows diagonally and said it was confusing.  In the comments people wondered why I did that when I could have saved the trouble and sewed horizontal rows instead.  Well, live and learn!  It had never occurred to me to do that, but I certainly did just that this time!

It made the piecing process so much easier!  It was a palm to the forehead moment!

The blocks were pretty simple to line up and with a few exceptions it was pretty perfect.  There will always be exceptions especially when this is a project that is my 'in between' ideas project.

I've got it half way pinned right now and hope to start some quilting on it very soon!  I'm not sure how detailed I want to get with quilting.  The wide open spaces are tempting, but I may go simple like the last one.  

Another project I've been testing or playing with, is English Paper Piecing honeycombs.  When I was at QuiltCon I naturally bought a few things and honeycomb templates were one of those things.


I'm always in the need of an evening hand stitching project especially when I don't have bindings to sew on.  I came across a booth that had a bunch of finished Lucy of Boston blocks and they were so pretty it peaked my interest.

I glanced to my right and saw a smaller version and that was all it took!  Instead of the usual 1" honeycomb templates, I opted for the 1/2".  They even had 1/4" templates...I'm crazy, but not that crazy!

I also bought a few things from different vendors like some 100wt Poly Invisifil thread, an adorable hummingbird needle threader and a very cool old time vinyl zipper pouch.  Everything from this haul along with scissors, glue pen and fabric fit nicely inside and if I ever went anywhere, would make a great travel kit!

I've mad two blocks and as you can see they aren't show stopping!!  This is why I don't get along with prints!  Even the Liberty of London prints I used can't make up for the lack of pizazz!  I'll try again with some other print, that I'm sure of.

The first block I cut the fabric with the acrylic template but found that there was just too much to wrap around the paper template.  The second one I trimmed it down and it did make it easier.  

As for the 100wt thread, it's strong!  It's also thin!  You have to be mindful that you don't accidentally wrap it around where it isn't suppose to go and only discover that you did later!  I really do like it though and maybe it'll make me a better stitcher or give the illusion that I've improved! 

You might have noticed that I made a new header for my blog.  I have two options, this one being the most minimal of the two.  I'll probably switch back and forth until I decide which is the best fit.  I had a vision on the logo and my son helped to bring it to life.  

What do you think?  Please be brutally honest with me!!  One or two or neither?  Any ideas on how to improve or change it?  I'm not a graphic artist and have no desire to be one, but I do like feedback!


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sultry Interlude :: Mad for Solids 2019

Here we go again!  Mad for Solids is in full swing!  If you aren't a March Madness basketball fan, I promise you'll be a big fan of this competition.  After all, it's all about fabric and I know you love fabric!  March Madness the quilter's way!  

This year there will be eight beautifully curated bundles of Painter's Palette Solids to make you drool!  With 168 colors to choose from the bundle possibilities are endless.  

This is where you come in!  

The eight curated bundles are placed into a bracket.  Two bundles go head to head each day and the one that receives the most votes advances to the next round.  You can vote for your favorite on InstagramFacebook, and Inspired by Fabric (one vote per site per day, please). 

At the end, and this is the best part, there will be four fans selected to win the curated Championship bundle!  But you have to vote to enter and win!  

This fabric is amazing!  Not just because there are 168 Painter's Palette Solids colors to choose from, but the quality of the fabric is second to none.  It's plain and simply luxurious!

Which brings us to my curated bundle!

I tend to pick bundles based on places I love and this one is no exception! A beach sunset is mesmerizing to watch and you can’t help but stand watching until the last sliver of the sun has dipped into the horizon. That would be my Sultry Interlude! The colors I selected remind me of those moments where subtle yellows, oranges, pinks and reds melt together until they eventually fade away...until tomorrow! 

And then tomorrow comes and we get to witness the full force of Mother Nature all over again. Each night there's a different masterpiece of color being presented for all to see.  

You just can't watch too many sunsets!  It's almost impossible to pull yourself away from watching until the very last sliver has vanished!

Because I don't get to go on vacation often enough, I like to capture that moment in fabric.  I can look at the bundle and it most definitely brings me back to that moment where I couldn't help but stop everything and take it all in.

The colors I selected for my bundle are:
Hot Pink:  121-147, Blush:  121-119, Verbena:  121-118, Daredevil:  121-146, 
Amber:  121-123, Clementine:  121-108, Pencil Yellow:  121-003, Banana:  121-083

A beautiful array of fabrics representing my perception of a sultry sunset!

Naturally I'd love to have your vote!  You can help me or your favorite palette advance to the championship game by voting!  And remember, four winners will be selected to win the  championship fat quarter bundle...but you have to vote!

VOTE HERE:  Instagram, Facebook, and Inspired by Fabric (one vote per site per day).

The second round might not start until later in the day in case you'd like to vote!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Woven Stripe Runner Test

Every once in a while I need to stop everything and test out an idea.  What better way than with a table runner?  If you don't know if a new design will work out as you hope, making something small is a good way to test ideas.  It takes less time than making a large quilt, and gives you some creative time to play!

14" X 46"
In this case I feel like my time was well spent!  My design came through just as I had hoped and planned.

I choose to use woven stripes for no other reason than I'm trying to work through my stash.  The background is where I was focusing on the most.  I wanted to create more interest but not in an over the top way.    

I used two neutrals, Putty and Tan for the dual effect.  I like the subtle difference between the two shades, and especially like how they work together to create motion.  It isn't mind blowing, but I think is effective!

I've got some other ideas that doesn't involve woven stripes!  I love the colors in each stripe, but if you've worked with woven fabric you know there is almost always a slight distortion that happens when quilting.  I use starch every time I venture into the world of woven fabric.  It helps but it isn't a cure all!

I kept the quilting simple by adding 1/2" lines in the stripes and three rows of 1/4" lines in the center of the neutral fabric.  

All in all, it was a fun distraction!  I'm anxious to try some other ideas and designs along these lines.  There may be a quilt in the future or another runner at the very least!

I also want to remind everyone that it's time for 'MAD FOR SOLIDS', the March Madness extravaganza!

Voting Starts March 18 - 25 

Eight designers have curated fat quarter bundles featuring Painter's Palette Solids.  Each day two bundles will go head to head and the one with the most fan votes advances to the next round.  

You can vote each day for your favorite on Instagram, Facebook or Inspired by Fabrics blog (one vote per site per day), and at the end of the tournament...four lucky people will win a bundle of the winning palette!

I've been lucky enough to participate as one of the curated designers for a few years and it's always a challenge, yet so much fun coming up with a special combination!  Hopefully you'll like what you see...and perhaps throw a vote my way!

Here are the eight designers:

HollyAnne Knight
Jayne Willis
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
Nicole Daksiewicz
Annabel Wrigley
Emily Jane
Tania Denyer
Teresa Silva


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Little Snips :: Review

I was contacted recently and asked if I'd be interested in testing and reviewing fabric scissors from Warm Crochet.  It was an offer I couldn't pass up!  Having the right tool makes all the difference and having a good pair of scissors is essential. 

I have three pairs that I use regularly and I know first hand just how frustrating it is when they don't do the job they are intended for.  While I had intended on replacing mine, I no longer have to do that. 

I was provided these scissors at no cost to me and will share my honest opinion based on repeated use, feel and functionality. 

When buying scissors I look for quality, which usually involves a brand name.  That strategy didn't work too well for me all these years!  Next is size, and size does matter!  I like a small size that is portable and can easily be tucked away.  

Durable, sturdy and small.  That's not too much to ask, right?!  

I've never bought a pair of scissor based on how pretty they are!  It might be that I thought of something that was ornate couldn't possibly be functional.  Wrong on my part!


These scissors are and all!  I was surprised at just how comfortable they were to handle.  

The scissors are lightweight, yet feel very sturdy.  Sharp and easy to handle with a perfect point at the end for snipping in tight areas.  They are made of stainless steel and alloy which hits the durability button!

I've spent the past week regularly using these scissors in a variety of ways and I honestly don't have a bad thing to say about either pair.  They check all my boxes for what makes a good pair of scissors.  Plus...they are pretty and it makes me feel special when I use them!

If you are on the hunt for some sexy snips...I do recommend these Warm Crochet scissors.  
Surprisingly affordable!

Right now you can get an extra 10% off when you use coupon code: JAYNE