Saturday, March 25, 2017

Modern By The Yard :: Table Runner

I can now share my publication news!  I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been given to share my craft.  Modern By The Yard E-Zine Issue #4 is out!  It is aptly named 'Color Infusion', full of color and fabulous projects for everyone!  Oh and its free to everyone! 

Modern By The Yard E-Zine Issue #4
I guess you could say I'm a Cover Girl!  Well, my table runner is!  'Technicolor Rainbow' is bursting with bright and bold colors.  

Originally when I designed this runner, it was with a totally different line of Benartex fabric. When I found out that line was not quite ready to be released it was scramble time!  I ended up going with 'Dreamscape' which has everything I love...color, texture and depth.  Plus, it had the perfect assortment of rainbow colors to work with.

I wish I had pictures of each step, but it was a very tight timeline and I needed to get it done! I'll share my one picture and promise to do better next time!

This is a quick and easy project for beginners or for those who would like to have a quick finish. The pattern is right there between the virtual pages of Modern By The Yard E-Zine!

I was really shocked and jumping for joy when I saw the photo shoot pictures!  They couldn't be more perfect.  Squeal!!

As always I would love to see your take on this design.  What fabrics would use use? Would you take it in the rainbow direction?  Feel free to email a picture: twiggyandopal (at) gmail (dot) com or tag me on Instagram: @twiggyandopal

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Needle & Foot Blog Hop Celebration + GIVEAWAY!

I was thrilled and honored when asked if I would join this Blog Hop in celebration of Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics Grand Opening!  Bernie has been feverishly filling her Etsy shop with all kinds of beauties for you and me!  And to celebrate there will be a funtastic giveaway!!

Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics on Etsy
But first, let's get down to business!  Bernie provided me with a beautiful bundle of Alison Glass' newest line of fabric 'Seventy Six'.  It's rich in color and design, 


Numbered in Grasshopper, Stitched in Violet, Rising in Snow, Sunshine in
Lichen, Numbered in Peacock and Renewal in Opal.  Gorgeous right?!

Wanta Fanta 40" x 40"

I have wanted to make the 'Wanta Fanta' paper pieced block for a long time. (click the link for the free pattern)  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that and showcase this gorgeous bundle.  

The 'Wanta Fanta' block is perfect for a scrappy quilt.  However since I wanted to highlight the prints, I switched it up to do just that. 

I used Kona Celestial for the background and backing on this little quilt.  It is almost a perfect match to the 'Numbered Peacock' blue.

The blue used to 'connect' the blocks and for the binding is Kona Capri.  Not only was it used to connect of the blocks, but it allowed me to pull another color from the prints.   


Once it was all pieced together, the real fun began.  With the blocks and the fabric, I knew it was going to be quilted with geometric designs.  It turned out exactly as I had hoped it would with very little frustration!  


I agree, it's a bit hard to see even on the back!  If you slightly turn your head to the left, squint with one eye and close the can see it better!

I had to use 'Stitched in Violet' for the center because of its electric neon color.  It's a standout and I don't think it would have fit anywhere else!  

Thank you for indulging me with my pictorial!  Now let's talk about that Giveaway!  Bernie is providing the a fabulous giveaway for one of my lucky readers!

How would you like to win Six (6) Fat Quarters or Three (3) Half Yard cuts of your choosing? I would too!

To enter this giveaway, please do one of the following.  Once you have picked an option, let me know in a comment which one you picked.  

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That's not all!!  Bernie is also 15% off purchases over $5 using Coupon Code: NANDFREADERS15 
to everyone for her Grand Opening Celebration!
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Giveaway open until 7:00 PM on Sunday March 26th.  At which time I will choose a winner using Random Number Generator.  If you are a no-reply blogger, please leave your email address in order to contact you. 

And there's even more!! 

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Round Robin :: Round 1

No one said it would be easy!!  The pressure alone is enough to put one over the edge!  I was sure I'd have my round in the bag, feeling confident and sure of my contribution, but it only left me unsure I made the right decision!
Starting Block Size: 15 1/2" x 12 1/2"
I was entrusted with this starting block.  Pretty cool, right?!  I was blow away with what Emily made because first it is cool, second it was her first time making the blocks.  No applique here!  

I went back and forth on what to do.  First I thought I would make circles, then it was half circles, perhaps flying geese.  It was a strike out!  All three didn't feel right.

Mini Trajectory or Boomerang blocks came to mind and so I went to work.  After making a few scrappy still felt wrong.  I still liked the idea, just not the randomness of the block.  I let it stew over night and got back to it in the morning.

The toned down version!  I think I can make these work!  Emily's blocks are 3" and I wanted to keep the scale pretty much the same.  

Much better in my opinion!  Which is to say...I'm still freaked about my contribution!  If it was mine I wouldn't fret, but it isn't and so I shall worry and fret and freak out for a while!
Size After Round 1: 21 1/2" x 18"
I'm going to guess that the first round is the hardest.  You only have the center block to go off. The second round you at least can see what someone else has done...I'm calling it inspiration!  

I could be totally wrong!  But it sure feels good to bet one round under my belt!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Reclaimed Rejects :: OctoMama

That might be a little harsh!  Yes, I had to reject some striped octagon blocks from a project because I wasn't paying attention when I printed templates.  I accidentally printed a batch that was smaller and didn't realize it until it was all said and done.  

A reject could be the result of size, color or design of a block.  It just means it's rejected from a specific project, but can easily be transformed and reconfigured in to something else!

I'm not sure why I call this 'OctoMama', it must be a term of endearment or a little nickname that stuck!  But what can not be called a reject any longer!

17" x 18 1/2"
Most of these English Paper Pieced Striped Octagons were finished, with the exception of outside 'partial' blocks.  When I was brainstorming on what to do in the beginning, I had an idea of having the blocks fade around the edges.  

I made a few more EPP blocks with a lighter shade of color for the stripe surrounded with white. Which I kind of liked!  Then I added a few small blocks scattered around for a little more interest.  

Before I knew it I was quilting octagons and not very perfect either!  I started it, I had to finish it! They weren't too bad to quilt, just slow going.  

After getting feedback on thread color in a previous post, variegated thread was mentioned several times.  I happened to have a pastel spool on hand and decided to give it a try.  If I like it...I'll buy a big spool.  And I like it.  And it blends!  It doesn't stand out on the darker colors and all but disappears on the white.  

I quilted an octagon in the center using 1/4" lines and then switched to 1/2" around the outside.

You probably noticed the two shades of white.  We all know how that goes...not all shades of white are equal!  The photo makes it very noticeable, but real isn't that bad!

A funky concoction of quilting, thread ad binding!