Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Little Bit of Everything!

I recently got back from a five day trip to visit family.  It was quick, but we had a nice visit right up until our return trip flight was cancelled!  Turns out Denver was in for a snow event!  We had to rush to the hotel, pack and drive to the airport in order to catch a red-eye flight back home.  Not exactly the leisurely pace we wanted, but we made it home bleary eyed and safe!

All that being said, the few days before we left I was in a sort of limbo with what to do with myself.  I really couldn't start an actual quilt, so the next best thing was to focus on a few mini mini quilts.  That way my itch was scratched.  I could surely finish one or two and be happy!

6" X 6"
I love the intricate process of paper piecing!  Thankfully there are creative people out there that know how to draft patterns that we can make.  This little beauty is called 'Double Goosed' and is the creation of Jeliquilts.  You can find all of Kelly's patterns in her Payhip shop here:  Jeliquilts.

These tiny geese were a challenge to be sure, but oh what fun!  I was determined to finish it before we left on our trip, and I did.  It finished at 6" x 6", and as you can see those center geese are teeny tiny!

Once I got home I quilted it up and put on the skinny binding.  Here is a tutorial for the binding method I use just in case you'd like to try it out:  Mini Mini Binding

The Rubber Ducky and Fishy Bones was pieced before I left as well.  These two patterns I always reduce the size when I'm printing because...I like to go small!

Fishy Bones is a Unicornharts pattern, and Rubber Ducky is a Zephyr Skies pattern.  Click on the links and it'll take you to their Payhip shops!

The log cabin blocks were a last minute after I got home project.  Something fun, easy and I could use scraps.  

I'm still trying to focus on quilting some quilts and writing a pattern, but between a trip, day light savings and fall weather I haven't made much progress!  Yesterday was a beautiful day which meant it was time to deal with falling leaves!  There are still plenty more that have yet to fall and I'll be back out there before long doing a repeat of yesterday.  It's always a feeling of accomplishment when the yard is neat and tidy this time of the least for a couple hours!


Friday, November 1, 2019

HST's to the Rescue!

There is no denying HST's (half square triangles) make amazing quilt designs.  With so many possibilities for layouts it can be hard to settle on one...but we manage I think!

I've been revisiting several of my designs lately trying to revamp and remake them because sometimes it's just worth it.  It also lets me see if they are worth further exploration or let it go and move on. 

36" x 48"
There are several reasons I love HST's.  Possibilities, color options, design, and for me it makes choosing a quilting design is so much easier to come by.  How to quilt something has always been a struggle for me.  With the geometric design I feel comfortable and often eager to get down to business right away!

It's no secret that my favorite color the past couple years has been pink.  So it was an easy choice to try out this baby quilt design using loads of pink and a splash of coral/peach.  

I used two shades of pink for the square and rectangle shapes.  They add interest visually and give this quilt that geometric design that I love.

I think I used 8 -10 other pink/coral colors for the background.  I like to have a variety of shades...the more the better in my book!

The square and rectangle has concentric 1/2" to 3/4" lines quilted using pink thread.  I think there are numerous possibilities for how those could be quilted.  I just haven't gone there yet!

The centers have a 1" grid, but the fun didn't stop there!  I have a bit of everything thrown in.  Diamonds, rectangle/square grids, 1/2" lines, e/4" lines!

I may go a bit overboard when it comes to quilting geometric!  I love the texture and interest it creates.  Also, there's no denying it looks pretty fabulous after it's washed!

It isn't easy to see the quilting on the back of the Kona Bright Pink, but I think you can see just enough.  You can see the madness and then some!

Here is a close up of the back for a bit more clarity.

This isn't the best picture, but this is a lap size of the same design.  For the lap size I added one more square and rectangle to fill the space.  The background HST's are a combination of teal, aqua, green and lavender.  I love that combination!

As of today I still have to quilt the lap quilt, quilt my Shoo-Fly quilt, quilt my Half Circle quilt, write a pattern or two and fill my Etsy shop with holiday favorites!  It didn't help that I had to leave town for a week to visit relatives...but I'm doing my best at this point to keep my head above water!