Friday, May 7, 2021

'SPARKLE' PDF :: Pattern Release!

It's been a long time in the making, but the day has finally come!  There has been a lot of indecision, rethinking, tweaking going on behind the scenes, but I think...I think I have all the details and kinks worked out!

'SPARKLE' is ready for release and I couldn't be happier for this day to have finally arrived

‘SPARKLE’ is 52" x 65" bold, bright and graphic lap quilt that features half-square triangles with a little bit of attitude!  

This design has been floating around in my head and I’ve made numerous variations throughout the years.  I seem to ‘follow the rainbow’ when picking my colors, but there are unlimited options if you choose to change it up.   

When making HST’s I prefer to use the Two-at-a-Time method which allows me to use a variety of colors.  I also make my HST’s larger than required, and trim each one to the size required.  The measurement given in the cutting instructions allows for trimming without being overly wasteful. 

You will also use the Flip & Stitch method and nesting seams for the accent squares.  To add to the pattern, all instructions are illustrated.

Half Square triangle magic, flip and stitch and nested seams are some of the highlights of this design.  Simple techniques that make precision easier to achieve.

I just about exclusively use solids my most of my designs, but there are so many options available!  

Check out what these ladies did with their quilts!  They not only make beautiful versions of my design, but their attention to detail, feedback and suggestions are invaluable.  I couldn't do it without them! 

CASSIE @sewshequilts4love

ELLYN @ellynz

JEANINE @milesoffabric

MONIKA @monikahaefeli

KIM @quirkykim

The pattern is a PDF download, full of color diagrams, step-by-step directions and is now available for purchase through my Etsy shop:

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Something From Nothing

It's been a while!  Between the beautiful weather, yard work and helping my daughter make her first quilt in a couple of years and putting the final touches on a PDF quilt pattern...I haven't had much time for blogging or making!

The good news is my 'Sparkle' quilt pattern will be ready to release in a week!  It's amazing how much work goes into writing.  I have been second and third guessing myself for two weeks, but at this point I have to just let it go!

When I say I didn't have much time to quilt, I mean I haven't been able to sit and get serious about it.  I have taken a little time almost every day to make some fun blocks using many of my scraps.  At first it was an experiment that quickly turned into 'this could be something'!

You know I'm a big fan of color, the more the merrier!  These blocks have it all!  They were fun to put together using random color combinations, and of course scraps.  I kept making and making until I had to make a decision.  What am I going to do with the blocks.  The best answer:  a table runner!

This is where it begins.  Color combinations using three colors.  I tried to be as random as possible with the colors, but I there were times when it seemed like I was going back to the same colors over and over.

From the above pieces, comes this lovely group of blocks!  The center of the blocks and the size of the blocks vary in size and shape.  

The blocks are at least 3" wide and 6" long.  You can't tell from this block, but I did try to limit my use with the ruler!  

Just a few of my favorite things...

I'd love to say my scrap heap was depleted...

After making what I thought would be enough blocks for a table runner, I had to figure out how I might puzzle together all the random sizes.  

My first idea of adding a strip on one side or the top or bottom was a failure.  The second idea was to add another color round on the blocks that needed beefing up.  That idea worked very well!

Hopefully in between making a quilt with my daughter I can squeeze in time to quilt this!  I'm not complaining...It's been so much fun making blocks and spending time with Britt!  My quilting can wait because I know she couldn't possibly want to make another wrong I was...she has the quilting bug!!