Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A Whole Lot of Nothing

By a 'whole lot of nothing' I actually mean I haven't had the desire to dive into anything big lately.  It might be a creative block, or perhaps I just need a break.  I have dabbled in small projects though!  Mainly pot holders.  I want to make something so these small projects itch that scratch for the time being!

9" x 9"

I always have fun picking fabrics for my Heart of the Home blocks.  I've had the fabric I used for the house siding for ions and finally broke down and used it.  I makes for a happy set of pot holders I think!

The funnest part is finding just the right window treatments for each house.  This time it was little fairy princesses!  They could be floating around in your just can't see them!

My favorite design to make are waves!  It's a freeing experience to grab the rotary cutter and slice a curve without worrying about being perfect.  Blues and teals/aqua are always worth the cut!

Look at me!  I made a pastel version of waves too!  They might be overshadowed by the scrappy geometric pot holders, but I don't know...there's secret powers in pastels! 

Usually when I dig into pot holders I focus on one color group.  I grab my scrap bins and use as much as I can from it.  It often results in one wave design set and one improv set.  The orange, pink and yellow combination seemed like the right choice and warm me up like the summer heat!  

I'm not sure what or where my adventures will lead me to tomorrow, but I'm anxious to find out!  The ideas are there.  They just aren't nailed down yet!!




  1. There's something satisfying about small projects, especially when you just need to make something. Often small project play leads to a larger quilt idea too! So many pretty colors you are playing with!

  2. Beautiful fabric play! I don't know if you have plans for these, but did you see Marla of @pennylanequilts mention pairs of potholders being donated to the National Quilt Museum as part of a fundraiser? Just a thought!

  3. Super cute pot holders, Jayne!! They seem almost too pretty to use. I would hate to get them dirty!

  4. Small projects are the perfect way to get creative and have the satisfaction of a finish (or multiple finishes) in a day!

  5. And you are just so good with making small and improv to boot!

  6. These pot holders projects could also be a nice way to try a new technique or idea! Do you use a special batting for them?

    1. That is very true! Using left over or stray blocks make great pot holders too! I use a layer of cotton batting and a layer of Insult-Bright layered between the top and bottom.

  7. your pot holders are the very best. I love those citrussy ones!

  8. What a great variety of pot holders you've made. I really like the waves versions. Hum, is there a potholder in my life? The old ones look ratty ....

  9. Such pretty pot holders! And a nice way to use up scraps. I'd be afraid to use them in my kitchen, they'd be ratty in no time!

  10. Your potholders are so fun, Jayne! The Heart of the Home pattern is perfect for them!

  11. You never disappoint Jayne :)

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely little projects with Oh Scrap!

  12. Love your pot holders, Jayne! They are bright and happy!


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