Friday, May 7, 2021

'SPARKLE' PDF :: Pattern Release!

It's been a long time in the making, but the day has finally come!  There has been a lot of indecision, rethinking, tweaking going on behind the scenes, but I think...I think I have all the details and kinks worked out!

'SPARKLE' is ready for release and I couldn't be happier for this day to have finally arrived

‘SPARKLE’ is 52" x 65" bold, bright and graphic lap quilt that features half-square triangles with a little bit of attitude!  

This design has been floating around in my head and I’ve made numerous variations throughout the years.  I seem to ‘follow the rainbow’ when picking my colors, but there are unlimited options if you choose to change it up.   

When making HST’s I prefer to use the Two-at-a-Time method which allows me to use a variety of colors.  I also make my HST’s larger than required, and trim each one to the size required.  The measurement given in the cutting instructions allows for trimming without being overly wasteful. 

You will also use the Flip & Stitch method and nesting seams for the accent squares.  To add to the pattern, all instructions are illustrated.

Half Square triangle magic, flip and stitch and nested seams are some of the highlights of this design.  Simple techniques that make precision easier to achieve.

I just about exclusively use solids my most of my designs, but there are so many options available!  

Check out what these ladies did with their quilts!  They not only make beautiful versions of my design, but their attention to detail, feedback and suggestions are invaluable.  I couldn't do it without them! 

CASSIE @sewshequilts4love

ELLYN @ellynz

JEANINE @milesoffabric

MONIKA @monikahaefeli

KIM @quirkykim

The pattern is a PDF download, full of color diagrams, step-by-step directions and is now available for purchase through my Etsy shop:


  1. hooray for sparkle! gosh I love it with the prints.... now my wheels are turning again! I loved testing this for you

    1. You know I couldn’t do it without you and the other testers! You encouraged me to ‘just do it’ and I can’t thank you enough!

  2. Congratulations on your pattern release, Jayne! Best of luck with sales. Your testers did a beautiful job of sharing options for us to try!

  3. Congrats on the pattern release, Jayne - I know how much work goes into that! I hope you have good success with it. I do love this pattern, and always enjoy seeing the ones you make!

  4. Each one is very differently "sparkly!" I'm happy for you to have worked through all the challenges of pattern-writing, and hope you sell lots of them. My best!

  5. Jayne, I love the color combos! Will this ever be out in printed form? I don’t have a printer 😫 and 2 hrs from a library to print out a pdf.

  6. Congratulations, Jayne! That is such a great pattern. I love all the different pattern testers' examples!

  7. Congratulations Jayne! I know how hard it is to get a pattern out. Hope you are celebrating!

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  8. Way to go Jayne, now you'll be rolling in the dough!!

  9. Love seeing these different versions of your pattern, Jayne! Congrats on your pattern launch.


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