Friday, August 13, 2021

Congregate :: A Finish

In truth this quilt has been finished for a couple of weeks!  I had 'things' going on, none of which amounted to much.  Taking a slice out of my day for some simple photos is like pulling teeth!  I put it off as long as I could but it caught up to me!

I started piecing this quilt the beginning of June (Perplexing Puzzle), and actually started quilting it the beginning of July.  Now that it's the beginning of August I figured I should share the results.

50" x 67"

I enjoyed making this quilt!  Each and every block is different, every color of the rainbow was used, scraps became depleted and the result makes me very happy!

I decided to name this quilt Congregate for the simple fact that the center is where the blocks have come together to meet.  With most crowds the fringe of a group is less crowded and gives you a little space to breathe.  

Each block has a different group of colors.  However many of the colors were used over and over.  The centers are randomly cut into rectangles or squares, and especially with the rectangles are either placed vertical or horizontal.

The background is Kona Nightfall which is a deep dark blue that almost looks purple.  It's not, but it sure looks like it!

I decided the best way to quilt this one was using vertical semi-straight lines...let's call them organic lines!  They are by no means perfect and organic means they have a natural flow, at least that's what I'm going with!  

I used different colors of thread throughout the quilting process.  Gotta keep is bright!

Pile it up!  Some people prefer the ever popular 'quilt twist', I prefer a heaping pile of a finished quilt pile!

I'm trying to streamline my sewing and scrap time, so my goal is to make a block or three whenever the mood strikes me.  Much like my suitcase of Half Square Triangles...these need to be another 'staple' in my closet!