Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jaw Dropping :: BQF Voting Is In Full Swing

I'm sure you have all been viewing the 'Eye Candy' of quilts at Amy's Creative Side for the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  In case you aren't, you should!  

Entries are in and the voting has begun!  I was pretty shocked when I saw 'Raw I' was nominated for 'Viewers Choice'!  EEEP!    
It's such an honor to be nominated!  Here are the nominees for Viewers Choice, hard to decide right?  You can vote for three, but's a hard one!

'Raw I' is also entered in the 'Mini Category'.  

This has been another successful Festival full of inspiration!  I've caught my breath a few times looking at the entries! 


You can find all the categories, all the entries HERE...where you can then vote for your favorite two!  Explore their blogs, see more pictures...Share some love!

And a great big THANK YOU to you, for voting, for entering, for always inspiring!


Monday, September 26, 2016

Round Elements & Square Trouble

Happily things are moving along!  After my trip to Atlanta Ikea, I came away with a few amazing finds.  All of which I will share at a later date.  Not to be all secretive or anything, I just need to get my ducks in a row first.  And the fact that one of the pieces needs to be assembled first.  

The 'happily' part is I finally started a project, a challenge project!  Afton who blogs @Quilting Mod, threw down the gauntlet and threw out a challenge.  Naturally I jumped in because what the heck...I never have anything going on!  

Here's the skinny:  Afton would supply 12 fat eights of Art Gallery's 'Round Elements' and basically we can make anything!  There are a few other stipulations, but that's the basic low down.  


The fabric is of course divine, it is Art Gallery!  The colors vibrant and oh so pretty!  And until a few days ago, I hadn't a clue what I would make.  The way I seem to work lately is to put it off until the last possible moment.  Dare I say I'm ahead of the game?  It has to be finished by the first week in October and yes, I got this one under control!

I don't want to give away too much, that will have to wait for the 'reveal'.  It sounds so mysterious and monumental!  It isn't!  It's actually selfish on my part.

This project will be centered around my 'Star Thistle' block I recently designed.  Except this will be with smaller blocks, a different layout and another paper pieced block I made for this project. Which is why I say I'm being selfish with this challenge.  I'm exploring!

I printed the templates, color coded the blocks and began to process!  It was really fun, I had an assembly line piecing day!

Coral Perfection, don't you think?  I'm using Kona Snow and three different grey tones.  This one has the darkest grey, which looks black in the picture.  It is not!

Maybe you prefer pink?!  I personally like them both equally!

With some of the block sections pieced, I couldn't resist laying them out.  They remind me of sail boats.  It never occurred to me on previous projects!  Just what I need, another idea!  

As of right now, the top is completely finished and awaiting the quilting phase.  Hopefully, that will happen in the next couple days!  

I'm also working on another project that I thought would be a 'joy' to do!  And it was in the beginning!  If I can make things harder for myself...I will!

Here is a sneak peak.  The squares are 1", which guessed it...they will finish at 1/2"! It's a new technique for me, and it's a design I have been itching to do for years now. Let's just say this became much more than I bargained for!

The pattern for 'Star Thistle' is available in my Craftsy Store!

Let's Bee Social
Sew Cute

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Raw 1 :: Mini Quilt Category (BQF Fall)

There is crazy and then there is CraZy!  I decided at the beginning of 2016 that I was going to try new things.  I never imagined this would be the 'new' that I would try! 

One thing I love about quilting and quilters, nothing is off limits.  You are only limit by your imagination.

For my second entry in the Blogger's Quilt FestivalI decided to enter ''Raw I' in the MINI QUILT. A mini that packs a punch, hits all the creative notes and for me, something that is totally outside the box!

You would think a bowl full of 'trimmings' couldn't be worth anything more than a good pleasing photo.  I thought that...

A quilt that makes you question 'how small is too small'!   
18" x 20"
When an idea hits me, I must explore it!  Weaving.  Specifically Raw Edge Weaving.  I've learned not to question where these ideas come from.  I roll with the punches and see what happens.

The trimmings are 1/4" or less, but I was sure I could weave them.  I ended up with 2 1/4" to 2 1/2" blocks that were full of possibilities.  

After playing, arranging, stitching and fussing, I came up with a design I was proud of!  It evolved over a period of time, something that I've come to appreciate and look forward to when working through a design.

The matched binding proved to be a little more difficult than I wanted it to be!  

The lines on the left represent the first step in weaving.  Strips.  The 'X's became the process of weaving.  Interlacing the fabrics together.  A loose interpretation, but it is improv after all!

There will be a 'Raw II' one day, I have these ideas....Yikes!

You can read more about this quilt here:  Raw I ~ Beyond Scraps. Borderline CRazY!

The Blogger's Quilt Festival allows us to share our best!  It's like putting on our Easter Dress and Patent Leather shoes!  Besides sharing our pride and joy, we get to check out new blogs!  There is so much talent it makes my mind spin!  We can be a sponge and sop up the inspiration!  

The Blogger's Quilt Festival runs through September 30th.  Catch some inspiration, find new blogs...join the fun!!  Amy @Amy's Creative Side has hosted this event and as always, it will be another success!

Linking:  Needle & Thread TGIFF Finished Or Not Friday

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Confetti :: Original Design Category (BQF Fall)

It's time for the annual Blogger's Quilt Festival!  Amy @Amy's Creative Side is the host and always puts on a great show!  If you are looking for inspiration, you'll find it here!  I've participated the past few years and it's always an event I enjoy!

It's also a time where we can go back, look at the quilts we've made thus far, and relive the moment! 

The quilt that makes me go 'you did what?', is 'Confetti'.  I'm entering this quilt in the ORIGINAL DESIGN Category.

42" x 54"
I made a pillow using teeny tiny squares and was determined to one day make a quilt. What finally inspired me to do it?  I was inspired when I saw 'Artifact' by Alison Glass.  

Each square measures 1/2"...and that's the finished size!  It helped to break down the quilt in blocks.  Which made lining up the squares a little easier.

I used bits of the 'Artifact' throughout the front and on the back.  I tried so hard to line up the front of the quilt with the backing when I basted it.  Much to my shock and surprise it was nearly perfect!

The paper pieced star was an element I couldn't resist adding!  It played perfectly with the Confetti and of course...fits well with 'Artifact'!

A few quilt facts:
Background Fabric:  Kona Snow
Binding:  Kona Pepper
Star:  Kona Pepper
Backing:  Alison Glass ~ Artifact

There are a total of 608 ~ 1/2" squares in a zillion colors!  

To me...totally worth every single second!  

If you would like to read more about this quilt, click on these links for a little more insight and detail:  When The Last Piece Of Confetti Falls,  It's A Party! and Pillow Talk!

The Blogger's Quilt Festival runs through September 30th.  Catch some inspiration, find new blogs...join the fun!!

Linking: Crazy Mom Quilts  Can I Get A Whoop Whoop 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Shape Family Challenge ~ A Pillow!

I've been anxiously awaiting this finish!  It all started with an envelope of shapes and a little imagination!  The Shape Family Design Challenge is being hosted by Jodi @Tales Of Cloth and it couldn't have come at a better time for me.  I was in need of a EPP project and this one struck my fancy! 

The Hexie Shape Family packet  made it so easy to come up with designs.  All the pieces work together and there is no end to the possibilities!  
20" x 20"
The shapes went together easily and semi-quick.  You know how hand sewing is, slow and steady.  The design was always destined to be a new pillow for my couch. The center was the perfect size and let's be's Anna Maria Horner fabric!

The background is two different shades of grey, Kona Silver and Kona Shadow.  After deliberating for a good while, I decided a neutral would put all the attention on the center...the center of attention!

After the extra row of hexies and squares, I still needed to fill out the corners.  I ended up making a large corner piece based on a hexagon.  It was a weird shape, but worked perfectly.

As you can see I went with hand quilting and machine quilting.  I love the combination. Geometric, orange peel and big stitches, what's not to love?

You can see the quilting better on the back.  I stitched in the ditch around each interlocking circle, ditch stitching...not my favorite thing to do!

One of my favorite photos... 

...and my favorite way to finish my pillows.  The good old hidden zipper!  Here is a great tutorial I use all the time:  s.o.t.a.k Handmade ~  Hidden Zipper.  

Surprise, surprise!  I found another WIP my daughter started and 'gifted' to me.  Back story: Britt use to quilt and had many projects in various stages.  We shuffled and moved them around until I had enough!  Over the years I have picked up where she left off and finished a few of her projects.  

So, while in the middle of my EPP, I found one of her EPP's!  Perfect timing?  Divine intervention?  I don't know, I do know it's hexies, it's Anna Maria Horner and it was mostly finished!

20" x 20"
I added half a dozen linen hexies to increase the size and done!  Took me long enough to finish her WIP!

I kept the quilting simple opting for triangles.  It's so easy to achieve with straight lines!

In case you are wondering, the scarf used as my photo prop, was a birthday gift from Britt. Dare I say I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear it? The color is amazing and the 'dingle balls', one of my favorite accessories!

That drab couch at least has a little pizazz now!  For someone who loves bold and bright, my decorating is sorely lacking in that department!

The Shape Family Design Challenge Link Up ends the 30th. On October 1st, viewers can vote on their three favorites and a winner for the grand prize will be crowned!  Prize...oh yeah!  85 fat eights, Aurifil thread, more EPP templates!  So, if you feel like checking out the entries and voting, you can do it here:  Shape Family Design Challenge!


@talesofcloth and #shapefamilychallenge and #talesofclothEPP

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Orphan Adoption ~ Quilt Blocks Looking For A Home

We all have a stack or two (or 4 or 5) of blocks we made that never see the light of day. They hover in limbo, get shoved to the back...neglected and forgotten.  It sounds so sad!  

There is a solution, actually a couple.  One is to make a quilt.  Seems logical, but we sometimes lose interest and can't seem to take that step.  The other solution and a very good solution at that, let some one adopt them!

Cynthia @Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework has her Fall 2016 Fall Quilty Orphan Adoption Event happening right now!!  It seems like the perfect time to offer up a couple stacks, don't you think?!  

Quilting is more fun than Housework

You can check out what others are putting up for adoption by clicking here:  Quilty Orphan Adoption.  The rules are simple:

The blocks must be free.  Define the criteria.  Shipping, blocks used in a charity quilt, how you will selected the winner and how long the adoption will last.

I'll show you what I have first and at the end I'll give the details for adopting the blocks!

First up is a stack of 22 ~ 12" Plus Blocks.  I've had them far to long and it's time they get the love they deserve!  They are a rainbow delight that would make a gorgeous quilt!

Polaroid Blocks!  Cute as can be...look at that Ninja!  The blocks are 3 1/2" x 4" and there are a total of 23.  

If anyone is interested in either batch of blocks, my criteria is very simple:
  • The blocks are free.
  • I'll pay shipping anywhere in the US.
  • You can use the blocks anyway you want.
  • Leave a comment telling me if you would like the Plus or Polaroid (or both).
  • I'll use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner on Monday (Sept. 19th)

Make me happy...ask for these blocks...make them happy...make a quilt!

Don't forget to check out other adoptions happening now! 

Friday, September 16, 2016

A Pattern Comes To Life

As with the past New Block Blog Hop blocks I've made, I always try and make a 'real' thing from the block.  It reassures me that the design really does work!  Star Thistle was no exception.  This time I didn't make a quilt, but a table runner.  Since this block was paper piece, it would have taken far longer than I had time!

The block is available in my new Craftsy Store if you'd like to download it!

16" x 43 1/2"
Making three blocks was very doable for a test project!  I was itching to use these colors! I love how graphic this combination is.  The fabrics are Kona Black, White, Lipstick and Ash.  

Deciding how to quilt it seemed daunting at first.  I ended up letting the block dictate the design.  There were a lot of threads to bury!  I used my walking foot for all of it.  Much to my surprise, it was so easy!  


Yes I did!  I used red and black thread!  And white and grey.  I thought it would make for an interesting back, and it did.

The inside black border is 1", the same size as square in the block.  The outside border is 1 3/4". I'm wondering what it would look like if the binding had a red flange added to it?!  Next time perhaps!

I don't know if anyone will use my paper pieced block pattern, but if you do I hope you share it with me!  It's always exciting to see what the possibilities are!

That being said, I put a call out for pattern testers on Instagram.  I was stressing!  Because this is my first paper pieced design, I wanted to be sure my pattern was correct...instructions and templates.  If you ever need a tester....Instagram is the way to go!  

Here are what they came up with for me!  I was so thrilled that anyone would want to test for me, thankful that they did and amazed at their blocks!  I can't really thank them enough!

Katie @Katie Quilts did this one!  We had the same 'red' idea!  I really like the patriotic works so well!

Tish @Tish's Adventures In Wonderland picked prints, which I was excited to see.  I tend to shy away from prints, but wondered how they would look in this block.  I do believe I like it!

Isabelle (Instagram @southbaybella) did a beautiful print too!  Alison Glass fabrics never disappoint!  Having the dots on the blue print all going the same direction is such a great idea!

Before I left on a quicky trip to Atlanta to visit IKEA, I made a smaller version of Star Thistle. Hopefully after I get my furniture assembled from said visit...I can finish this little one!

 Another pretty combination to inspire you...and me!