Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick Change Artist


Some times (a lot of the time) it takes me a while to figure out how to finish a quilt.  You know, the quilting part.  The part that can make or break your quilt!  

I have had quilts sit for days, weeks or months.  Folded nice and neatly just waiting for me to get that 'AHA' moment.  Yesterday morning I made a decision.  Diagonal grid.  Great. Let's do it!  

Oh, wait...thread color?  There are so many colors to choose from!  How can I pick one?! I couldn't.  This quilt was screaming for more color (like it doesn't have enough. 30 different colors!).  Okay, I'm using multiple colors.

Ready for Quilting

I got my handy dandy ruler and my new favorite tool out ready to mark my lines.  I kept hearing about the Hera Marker and decided it was time to get one and try it.  I'm so glad I did.  You can get them at your local craft store or favorite fabric shop.  Usually I use painters tape, but I was getting annoyed when it would get crinkled or not stick.  Time for an upgrade.  It makes nice crisp creases that are easy to follow during the quilting phase.

Hera Marker available here.  

You can see the lines in this picture.  Its so nice not to worry about following the tape line! I didn't have any problems following or seeing the marked lines. 

I marked my rows every 3", a few rows at a time.  I wasn't sure how long a crease would stay.

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Now here's where the 'quick change' reference comes in!  After every line, I changed to a new thread color.  Just for the diagonal lines, I changed the thread 48 times.  Bobbin out, thread off.  New color, new bobbin in, new spool on, thread it...GO!  

My count is currently at 21 different thread colors.  More crossed my mind, but I don't have enough bobbins!  You might ask yourself...'why not just use variegated thread'.  It never crossed my mind until half way through quilting  That 'AHA' moment was a little too late!

After finishing the diagonal grid, I decided I wanted something more.  Currently, I'm working on vertical/horizontal lines.  This will add triangles in the mix and hopefully break it up a little.  

I love getting to the end of quilting a quilt!  That means that soon, I get to do my favorite part.  Hand sewing the binding on!  But first, I must get back to quilting.

Sitting and watching the thread pile grow was so fun.  How could I not take pictures?  

I love getting super close-up shots of thread.   With a camera you can see the colors, textures and chaos!


  1. Awesome tool. Just shared your blog with a sewing friend.

    1. Andrea, its a great tool to have! Thanks for sharing with your friend!

  2. The quilt looks great- and what awesome photos of the thread!

  3. Love the quilt- and the photos of the thread are great!

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  5. The thread pictures I love! Amazing the detail you get with a close up shot!

  6. Love your quilt design! So modern and fresh! :)

  7. Love your pile of multi coloured threads! I've been known to take photos of threads too. Your choice of quilting sounds great.

  8. I love the thread pictures. and I must say.. I have quilts sitting in the wings because I dislike changing thread and bobbin for said quilt... let alone change that many times for 1 quilt... wew you are determined.

  9. That is an awesome tool. How long did the creases last, I wonder?


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