Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vice Versa Block Of the Month

If you follow blogs you will know what I'm talking about.  'Blogland' is full of Block of the Month, Quilt-A-Longs or swaps.  I was always intrigued, slightly envious and eager to get off my butt and participate!  This year I decided to jump in.  AnneMarie, the genius behind Gen X Quilters Blog has put together a Block of the Month called Vice Versa BOM. Two blocks per month!  Vice Versa because~well the are positive/negative, ying/yang...opposites!  Easy peasy, right?!  I jumped in and signed up.  

The first of each month you receive a PDF block pattern.  Seriously, I have been looking forward to my 'first' for so long!  Life can get in the way a little and throw you off track!  I just completed my first months block!  For the next, ahem, get to see my progress!  Contain yourself, please!

First off, I had a difficult time choosing the fabric.  I knew that I wanted to use some hand dyed fabrics that my daughter gave me a couple years ago.  They are gorgeous...and hard to pair with anything!

This is the 'feel' the 'vibe' I was going with.  If you every are looking for color combinations, check out Seeds.  Amazing!  Or, Palette Builder is also a great source for color help. 

And here is the fabric I needed to work with.  Yes, needed!  I have hand dyed fabric and stacks of fabric that I cannot bring myself to use because its so beautiful!  I have been telling myself that it will be even more beautiful if I use it in something.  Does anyone else do that?  I'm sure I can't be the only one. 

Hand Dyed
Aren't they pretty?  You should see them in person...stunning!  I still needed one more color and a back ground color.  Without peeking any further, what would you suggest? Don't be afraid.  

Here's what I went with!  Call me crazy!  You can't really see from the picture, but there is a blue tone throughout the fabric.  That should explain the blue background fabric I choose.

Yesterday I set myself up to begin the Vice Versa BOM.  My cutting mat, ruler, iPad (with the block PDF) and a big cup of tea!  Perfect!  I'm ready now!

Gettin' down to the Nitty Gritty!
These blocks included Half Square Triangles and I was pumped when I saw that.  I get to use my Christmas gift ~ Bloc Loc!  If you don't have a set...get one!  They are pretty amazing! 

Squaring the HST blocks
I was trying to be organized.  Neat piles with all the pieces to the puzzle!

Block Pieces
I am still on the fence about my color selection.  I'm still on the fence about this one.  One minute I'm leery and the next it looks fantastic...dang colors!

Simple Block
Reverse Block
I must say the second block is pretty cool.  Both were really fun to make and I do love making fun blocks.  

Side By Side
I'm happy with the blocks.  I'm thrilled that I am doing my first BOM.  And, I cannot wait until February!  


  1. Great blocks! I like the color combos. =0)

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure...still debating my choice!

  2. I was thinking a warm neutral till I saw your blue--the blue works well with the others.

    1. Blue may be a little weird. My first thought was a neutral, but thought I would take a risk!

  3. look fun! I was just browsing your blog and noticed the color series quilt. Love the red quilt!

    1. The red one is one of my favorites as well! Thank you!

  4. very nice. your fabric looks soft and cuddly


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