Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Sweet Surprise!

There isn't anything better than getting packages in the mail.  Usually fabric or supplies for me.  The anticipation of getting something in your hot little hands!  Love it! know what's really fun?  Getting a package in the mail that you never expected!  A surprise!  The unexpected!  And boy, was I ever surprised!  

How sweet is this? 

A Little background.  I received this beautiful Mini Heart Quilt from Anne.  Anne lives in Portland and has been sewing/quilting long as I have known her.  She and my daughter Britt, have been best friends since kindergarten!  Kindergarten!  I can still see those two playing together, usually doing something artsy/craftsy-ish.  

Anne's Mom was the one who got Britt into quilting, which led to Britt getting me into quilting, which eventually led me having a new connection to Anne!  

These are all hand dyed fabrics.  Who would have thought a gift of hand dyed fabric to Anne would result in a gift for me?!  

Pretty, huh?  The purples are gorgeous together and surrounded by a neutral linen they really stand out.

What a great touch sewing hearts on the enclose card!  Way too cute.  There was even a little heart on the envelope!

I absolutely love this and will hang it proudly on my wall (somewhere) and will cherish it forever!  

Getting an unexpected surprise is the best feeling.  It makes me think we should all surpise someone more...make someones day...give a little gift!

Anne, I love this!  Thank you! 


  1. Awww!!! Thank you for the post!!! xoxo!

  2. So cute! I love this little quilt. It's hanging in the dining room right now and is so cheerful!


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