Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Diamond Quilt Finished!

Briar Rose.  Paper Piecing.  Diamonds.  Goal Achieved.  I am so happy with this quilt! Making goals and achieving them is so rewarding!  Paper piecing has been on that 'list' for some time now.  This was the perfect pattern to hone my paper piecing skills.  I certainly highly recommend it for those who want to learn or those who want a fun block to make!

I first blogged about this Diamond quilt here:  Diamond In The Rough. You can get a good idea on the process.  This post:  Hitting A Goal has links for the pattern!

Putting the blocks together wasn't so bad.  Paper piecing is great for perfection...or nearly perfect in my case!  Regardless...I'm happy with it!

60" x 85"

I ended up making 96 blocks.  Each one 5" x 10".  Bordered with white and a spring green and finished with a white binding.  

Quilting it was challenging!  I had this idea...which failed big time!  Have you ever started quilting a quilt, but it didn't seem right?  And instead of stopping right then and go a little more thinking maybe it will work?  Yep, that's exactly what I did!  Instead of only having to rip out a few lines, I had twice as many to rip out!  Lesson learned!  When you think it looks bad, it is!

I ended up doing a pretty simple diagonal diamond pattern in the end.  It fits.  It works.  Its done!

Briar Rose + Quilt = flowers!

The back is white and yellow.  I pieces some angles to mimic the diamonds.  Why the heck not?

Do you paper piece?  Do you have a favorite block or project?  I would love to do more one day.  For now I can just be happy I followed through on a goal!

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  1. I'm sorry your first plan didn't work out. I've made myself crazy realizing too late that my quilting plan was ridiculous (hand quilting a complicated design on gold fabric with gold thread, for instance. You couldn't see it, there was no point!) and following it through anyway. Good for you for starting over! I think the diamond quilting works very well.

  2. Way to go on your goal! I paper piece as required- but don't seek it out. I love how this pattern really lets the briar rose fabrics shine!

  3. Incredibly sweet! The blocks were looking good as you showed us your progress. But the finish is AMAZING! Love the quilting. It really does suit the design. Adding the green border and the white binding was brilliant!

  4. I think this is just great!! I don't yet have the courage to paper piece (that plus I have a dozen other projects ahead in the queue of things to do). Great job on this! (

  5. This turned out fantastic, and it PERFECTLY complements the Briar Rose. I absolutely love, love, love it.

  6. Those diamonds look great. I tried piecing diamond before -- nightmare! I'llh have to try paper piecing next time I need to tackle them.


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