Monday, September 22, 2014

Pretty Much Caught Up

The start of September has been pretty hectic.  My son had a birthday, I had a birthday, I went to a Quilt Show, spent 4 days getting new windows put in the house and lastly and most importantly, I finished 2 beautiful custom orders!

With the above quietly behind me, I am hoping to stay on track for a while!  That means getting back to blogging!

I finally finished this quilt!  Yay!  After a pretty long process of deciding on fabric, we settled on Rapture by Pat Bravo.  If I ever get to writing the pattern for this quilt design, it would look like this.  For this quilt however, I added to the sides making it larger. 

Something like this:

57" x 80"
It will now fit a little bed for a little girl!!  I think this will take her through many cold nights and grow with her.  Not too childish!  

I included a panel across the bright yellow back and quilted the heck out of it!

It feels good to finish quilts.  It feels even better knowing it is going to someone who will have many, many years of warmth and joy from them!

Since the little lady (she is 6) receiving this quilt is an avid reader, her mom asked if I would include a bookmark using some of the fabric from the quilt.  I was delighted!  What better way to put a smile on a little face...while encouraging them to explore the world with a book?!

Double sided whale bookmark.  I created this design with children in mind, but that certainly doesn't mean any 'big kid' wouldn't love it as well!  Bookmarks like the whale are available in my second Etsy shop:  Twiggy & Opal Too!  I also have some cute little snakes!



  1. Very nice mix of colors and sized shapes!

  2. What bright fun colors! A lovely quilt, and gotta love the whale. :) Reading a book under a quilt like that sounds divine. :)

  3. super nice quilt, I hope you write a pattern. I also love your choice of backing, so unexpected, bold and beautiful!

  4. The quilt is amazing Jayne! Love the shapes you created on the front and the bold color on the back. That bookmark is the sweetest thing ever!

  5. I love this quilt. The back is so perfect. Can't wait to finish up mine in this pattern, it's so cute.

  6. This is so fresh and pretty! Nice job


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