Friday, February 13, 2015

Pillow It is!

Finished is Good!  Finishes are Fun!  Finally Photographed!!  

You may remember the Confetti block I made ~ Teeny Teeny Tiny Squares

When I posted I wasn't sure what I would do with it.  There were possibilities, options. Eventually I settled with a plain old pillow cover.  It was there to begin with, the perfect size. Had I not put the paper pieced triangles on it I think I would have had many more ideas what to do with it.

Here it is, quilted and washed!

16" x 16" Pillow Cover
I have to say that I love it as a pillow.  Especially after the quilting was added.  I machine quilted a tiny 1/4" lines that run vertical and horizontal that seem to fit in with all the little 1/2" squares!  

Little sprinkles ~ jimmies or confetti!  I think its a yummy mix!

My usually pillow back is the ever classic envelope closure.  Two pieces of fabric over lapping.  This time I decided it was time to try the hidden zipper method!  Super easy!  

I used this tutorial Installing a Zipper Closure by Svetlana at S.O.T.A K. Handmade.  The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  And the end results are very clean and functional!  I'm happy I finally tried it. 

The zipper is sweetly tucked away!

I am going to make a confession.  Originally the pillow front was large enough to be an 18" x 18" cushion.  I had the entire pillow finished and was so happy with it.  I threw it in the wash and anxiously awaited for the crinkle to magically happen.  And it did.  Looked great.  Then I looked at the back.  Awwwww...don't make me cry silly pillow!!  

I had decided to use Shape Flex Fusible Interfacing for a little more stability.  It seemed like a good idea and it did work.  At least until I washed it!  It seemed like it shrunk?  And it didn't stay fused to the fabric.  It ended up being a hot mess!  I couldn't iron it seemed a total disaster.  What a bad ending...but, I decided it was still workable.  If I cut it down.  Luckily in doing so it didn't change the front design.  

I've never used Shape Flex Fusible Interfacing before.  Have you?  Did I do something wrong? Is it not made for washing, or pillows?  I need to research that a little more before I use it on a pillow again!

Check out the hidden zipper tutorial though!  It's fantastic!



  1. Hi Jayne! From the first sight I loved this unique piece and it became gorgeus pillow! Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  2. Your pillow is just gorgeous! I love it!

  3. Such a great pillow with the precious bits of color and quilting. Thanks for the tutorial link I'm just getting over my total fear of zippers and it'll come in handy.

  4. Hi
    Great pillow. Here's the link to the pellon site about how to fuse:
    That said, for clothing, I always put my woven fusible interfacing in hot water and then hang to dry. The glue does not come off and it shrinks it if it's going to do that. I had problems with the interfacing bubbling under my prewashed cotton fabric for a bag I made. So next time I'm going to prewash the interfacing and then carefully follow the fusing directions on the pellon site (really can't remember if I used a pressing cloth and water!) Good luck. Your pillow looks great so all's well that ends well. Congrats for persevering!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I'm going to do some reading and research right now!!

  5. This pillow caught my eye in the Fort Worth fabric line up! It's so pretty, even with the issues on the back.

  6. Cutest pillow ever! It does look like confetti. Adorbs

  7. Love this. I have never used 101 on anything for the wash. But I didn't know you couldn't. I have heard of the prewashing someone spoke of up there. Glad you were able to come up with a good fix because this pillow is so delightful!

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    Ideal um Reststoffe zu verwerten
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  9. This pillow is perfection! I love the paper pieced triangles in the different shades of neutral background. I love the quilting. And I love the zipper back enclosure. Great job!

  10. Your pillow is gorgeous! Love the way you have done the border and corners, very cute. Thanks for the link how to do a hidden zipper closure (I'd never thought of that!), have to try it on my next pillow.

  11. Looks fabulous! Love the confetti look and those awesome triangles around the border. Congratulations on your first zipper closure. It turned out beautifully. Sorry to hear you had trouble with that sticky situation!

  12. Oooh, I love your pillow! So fabulous! I'm glad to hear the issue with the Pellon worked out in the end. Thanks for sharing this with TGIFF!

  13. Your style is so unique, I think I could pick one of your pieces out of a group, easily. xxoo

  14. I'm glad this story has a happy ending! I've used Shape Flex a bunch on bags but not on something I've washed. I just used fusible fleece on a pillow to give the quilting cotton some substance (it didn't occur to me to prewash the fleece, not sure if I should have!) and really liked the end result.


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