Saturday, November 19, 2016

Safe With Me

Safe With Me
13" x 7 1/4"

Kitty Wilkin ( created a free pattern of a safety pin.  Click this link for the free paper pieced Safety Pin pattern !

My first thought was metallic fabric for the pin, which I didn't have.  Then I remembered about a tacky piece of gold fabric (?) I yoinked at one of our guild meetings a while back.  I couldn't tell you why I was drawn to it, maybe that thing about shiny things...

It was incredibly difficult to work with and doubly difficult when paper piecing.  I love to press my seams good and flat.  But because it is a synthetic metallic plastic media, there was no way I could do that without messing up my iron and melting the fabric!

Because I wasn't sure where to take it next, I set it aside and vowed to not let it linger in limbo too long.

And true to my word, it didn't!


The back has metallic polka dots!  It all came together, just like we will all come together for each other!

For those who are on blogger...did you notice the emoji button at the top?!  I'm a sucker for emojis!