Sunday, March 26, 2017

March Madness :: Are You With Me?!

Here we go again!  March Madness Mad For Solids 2017  begins on Monday!  I'll tell you right now the competition is stiff, everyone brought their 'A' game and are ready to fight for a spot in the finals! 

Mad For Solids 2017
Sixteen (16) quilters were asked curate a bundle of eight (8) from the Painter's Palette Solids.   When faced with 168 colors you can imagine how hard it would be to narrow it down to just eight! But it was done, and done very well!  Check out the bundles on the Inspired By Fabric blog and you'll see just what I'm talking about!

There are a lot of heavy hitters in the game!  I'm pretty sure I'll not make it to the next round after seeing all the bright, bold and beautiful bundles I'm up against!  I'm just thankful I got to play along!

Here's the Voting Schedule:

Monday, 3/27: voting in games 1 and 2
Tuesday, 3/28: voting in games 3 and 4
Wednesday, 3/29: voting in games 5 and 6
Thursday, 3/30: voting in games 7 and 8
Friday, 3/31: announce Elite Eight

Monday, 4/3: voting in games 9 and 10
Tuesday, 4/4: voting in games 11 and 12
Wednesday, 4/5: announce Final Four and voting for games 13 and 14
Thursday, 4/6: announce championship game and voting

Friday, 4/7: announce winner

You are the deciding factor in these games!!  Each game you can vote for your favorite bundle. The bundle with the most votes moves on the the next round.  Until we are left with the one bundle...who took it all!

Voting will take place on the Inspired by Fabric blog and Instagram and you can vote one time each in both places per game.

The winning bundle’s creator will receive an additional 6 yards of solids.  Two randomly drawn voters from the championship game will receive 1/4 yard cuts of the winning bundle.   

Make sense?  Worth playing along?  Now that all the 'rules' are stated, I'd like to show you my bundle!


"Bye Bye Winter…Hello Spring! One of the first signs of Spring is the soft, delicate lichen that grows around the big tree in my backyard. If you look closely you can see an array of colors that only nature has to offer. That is until I picked this bundle of fabric! The different shades of green are most prominent in Lichen, yet there is are subtle shades of blue and teal. My bundle is all about Nature…Natural ombre colors!"

After a fresh rain the colors pop!  I was mesmerized when I looked closer and never would have thought there were so many different colors in this seemingly boring Lichen.  I was inspired and carefully tried to recreate the colors in my bundle.  Nature is amazing, don't you think?

The beginning of Spring seems to bring a desire for color.  After a long winter of drab and cold were all ready for that!  I enjoy seeing how Spring slowly appears with the budding of trees, the first hint of that fresh growth, the tiny little sprouts popping up everywhere.  It's like quilting!  You start of slowly by cutting the fabric, it picks of steam for the piecing and then just like that...the explosion of color happens!

I hope you go and vote for your favorite bundle!  I would love your vote on my bundle...but pick your favorite...your going to have a hard time deciding!



  1. Good Luck Jayne! Your bundle is gorgeus! This game sounds fun but also tuff. x Teje

    1. There are some beautiful bundles curated for March Madness! I had fun picking and styling my fabric choices…regardless if I win or not!

  2. I love your inspiration. It's such a fresh bundle. Good luck!

  3. What a lovely bundle! That top green solid is just delicious!

  4. Yes some of them are bright, but there is something so very calming about your choices and I love that!! Reminds me of a caribbean beach-I'll have to close my eyes and pretend:)

  5. Jayne, I don't know I think you could take it all. Love those colors.

  6. Good luck, Jayne! Beautiful bundle you picked!

  7. Lovely bundle. It makes me think of sea glass found on the beach (old broken bottles that are smooth as pebbles after being tossed in the ocean for a long while.) Very soothing and so pretty. Good Luck Jayne!!

    1. This bundle does have a sea glass/ocean vibe about it! I had so much fun putting it together and love the soft ombre colors!

  8. Finally a bracket I can enjoy playing :)

    Best of luck - not that you are going to need it!

  9. I adore your bundle! Just as I did last year! Boy, they have "similar" bundles paired...always so tough to choose, but the bottom line is Color is just dang fun!! So glad you are in the game!

  10. Very lush colors. Definitely a spring time palette. Good luck with the competition.


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