Thursday, December 21, 2017

New Labels :: The Dutch Label Shop

I had been thinking about investing in woven labels for quite some time.  Should I upgrade, should I not.  When the opportunity arose...I pretty much pounced!

The Dutch Label Shop contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying their labels and giving my perspective about the product.  By saying yes, they generously provided me with a coupon for the labels, and with that I was off to the races!  

The Dutch Label Shop
I seriously don't get chances like this and it can totally mess with my mind!  I have a hard time designing things like labels, business cards, blog headers and such.  My vision is limited and apparently not very developed!

Label Size: 3/4" x 2 1/4"
I was so excited when my little package arrived!  I ripped it open!  I was thrilled at how quickly the labels arrived.  It was about seven business days.  I assumed something like woven labels would take much longer.  How I came to that conclusion, I haven't a clue! 

I have using satin fold labels for years and decided to try 'sew on' labels this time.  The Dutch Label Shop site is very easy to navigate.  I went with basic labels.  You pick your size, label color, font color and font and a stock logo or not.  

Pink has become my favorite color lately, and so let the font be pink!  And since the majority of my quilts use gray of some shade or another, I went with a gray background.  

Like I said, I'm no graphic designer!  But I felt like one while I was designing these.  You've probably noticed that I don't have a logo all my own, so I used one of the stock images.  It doesn't have to be sewing related.  There are a very good variety in many different categories.

I am use to tucking my fold tags under the binding when sewing them on, so having to hand stitch them is a new venture.  I'm contemplating a couple different options for that step.  

You have noticed (I'm sure!) that these are a little hard to read.  Well, in person they aren't so bad.  When you add a logo it changes the font size.  Be aware of that if you order.  Next time I would not add a logo and I would only use one or two lines of type.  That would make it easier to read I think.  

This is the proof of what I designed.  It looks very legible here, don't you think?  Don't get me wrong, I love these tags.  I'm thinking they are 'delicate' and 'subdued', but pack a punch in the 'classy' department.

I will order more woven labels in the future, but I will go into it better schooled and prepared.  

***If you are thinking about having a fancy label for your sewn goods, you can receive a 15% discount on your order from The Dutch Label Shop.  At checkout use coupon code:  twiggyandopal15 (all lowercase) it'll be good for the next 30 days!  



  1. Those are great! I've been thinking about doing some labels like that for my Etsy items too.

  2. I think they are fantastic, Jayne! I was impressed with their fast turnaround and shipping, too.

  3. Love these! I really like the logo you chose. I struggle with designing stuff like this too. I will have to check them out.

    1. The labels are amazing and I hope that my experience and lack of knowledge help someone else! Next time…I’ll get it right!

  4. I agree .. I like them as well and will definitely check them out. Your labels, logo, colors, etc., work so well.

  5. Very cute labels. I like the pink and grey combination, very classy.

  6. Very timely. Two hours after reading your blog my daughter asked me if I knew where to make labels. When she came home from work we went through the steps and she ordered her labels. She's pretty excited for them!

  7. LOL talk about a vortex...when I published my comment on the My Guy baby quilt, I saw the date was Nov 17, and was like how in the HE-double hockey sticks did I get here? Then I hit the back button a couple of times, oh ya, Tish's post on UFO's! I've seen a couple of these cloth labels around QBL and they're very pretty! I still am working through my satin ones but am going to check out your link.

  8. I ordered labels from Dutch Label a few months ago to add to my projects (handbags, wallets, and pouches as well as quilts), and I love them. I agree with everything you said about the quality and the speed of fulfillment. I'm a fan, for sure!
    P.S. I try to remember to sew mine on with the machine before assembling, but I'm only hitting about 40% so far -ha!

  9. I love those! I'm not very good at designing this kind of stuff either.

  10. I love these! I was actually thinking about getting labels for my own work, and now I have ordered them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Pink and grey are awesome for the labels. It will be interesting to see how you like the sewn version as opposed to the ones that sew into the binding.


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