Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Madness 2018 :: It's On!

Here we are again, celebrating March Madness just the way we like it...through fabric!  The competition is stiff every year!  Sixteen beautiful curated bundles of Painter's Palette Solids to tickle and tease your senses!
Here's the deal!  There are daily head to head 'battles of the bundles' starting tonight at 6pm CST.  You can see all sixteen bundles here:  Inspired by Fabric.

This is where you come in.  You vote for your favorite bundle (hopefully mine 😊) on Instagram, Facebook or Inspired by Fabric blog every day.  After each bracket a winner will be selected and they will then move on to the next round.  Once the winning bundle is decided, there will be four (4) winners selected and they will win a Championship fat quarter bundle!

*****Voting starts March 18th and runs through April 1st *****

This will be my third year competing in this fun game.  You can check out my 2016 bundle 'Wild Dandelion' and my 2017 bundle 'Spring Lichen' if you would like.  The first year I didn't make it out of the first round!  The second year I made it to the Elite Eight much to my delight!  My goal...Final Four!  I say that laughingly...there are heavy hitters and gorgeous competition out there!

Enough of that...would you like to see my Paintbrush Studio 2018 bundle?!  Introducing:

Prosecco & Cream by the Sea

Colors from left to right:
121-121 Linen121-049 Coral, 121-068 Rosebud, 121-028 Fuchsia, 121-066 Lipstick, 121-146 Dare Devil, 121-127 Burnt Sienna and 121-077 Moss 

My inspiration for this bundle was a recent trip my daughter and I took to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. This is a celebration of mother and daughter memories--from the bubbly golden prosecco we popped on our first night, to the delicious ice cream we had every day. The colors engulf you with a relaxing warmth that only a tropical setting in winter could!


Britt whisked me off on a mini vacation that was sorely needed!  We had the best time, cleared our minds, and made some lasting memories.

My March Madness bundle reminds me of those memories.  From the Prosecco we toasted with... the daily ice-cream treats!  And of course, there were a million other memories in between!


This bundle and the colors will always remind me of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea!  And of Britt!  In my wildest dreams I never could have imagined having a daughter as perfect as she has become!  

That's my story behind the bundle.  Up close and personal!  I hope to one day soon use these fabrics in a new design.  

Speaking of fabric, if you have never used Painter's Palette Solids you should!  They are pretty amazing!  They have a great feel to them and the colors are spectacular!

Yes, I would love to have your vote!!  But I also know there are some very enticing color combinations in the mix!  So go feast upon the bundles and pick what tickles your fancy!  I am just happy I got to play along and throw my hat in the ring!!

Voting begins tomorrow at 6pm Central time
you can vote at one of these three social media sites:

Good Luck!


  1. Beautiful memories! Beautiful colours!

    1. We did have a wonderful time together! It was a much needed ‘brain’ break that we both needed!

  2. Good luck Jayne. I always think your color choices are amazing. You will have my vote!

  3. Now this is my kind of March Madness! Love the bundle—and the inspiration photos.

  4. What a wonderful story behind your bundle! I love this event each year - it is a lot of fun to watch the progress. Your daughter is lovely and it was fun to meet her through this post. I am happy you both enjoy each other's company - family is just the best.

  5. Beautiful combination Jayne ! You got my vote :-)

  6. LOVE! you fabrics, but! your daughter is absolutely DARLING!


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