Thursday, April 19, 2018

Block Two :: Bee Inspired 2018

Ready for another installment of Bee Inspired 2018?!  We got our prompt, we got our direction and the only thing left is our creativity!

If you check out this previous post: Inspired By The Original, you'll get a sense of what this Bee is about.  Let's just say it's Improv + queen prompts + imagination = inspiration!

This month Christine @ccpquilt on Instagram gave us a very interesting and thought provoking prompt:  To Thine Own Self Be True.  Yikes!  What does that mean?!  Thankfully she gave us a little insight to what she was getting at.  In an effort to get to know each other better, we were tasked with creating a block that represents our public and private self.  A shape to represent out public self (the dark outside shape) and a shape to represent out true self (the inner shape and color).  And that was just one block!  

The second block we were tasked with a block to represent an assigned Bee member.  All secret and not to be disclosed who we were assigned.  

This is only our second round and already I'm shaking in my boots!  I like to think I'm creative and up for challenges...but, day-um!  This stuff is hard!  Gotta love challenges!

I have to say I am very uncomfortable describing or talking about myself.  When it came time to translate that into fabric, I struggled.  What am I?  Who am I?  How do I come across to others?  Baring my soul isn't normal!  

This is me: 
I'm guarded and don't like to put myself out there.  Adventurous, but only when it comes to my quilting.  Give me an idea and I'll twist and turn it to suit me.  I like to think outside of the box and explore.  I also like to stay in my comfort zone and don't venture out too often.  I'm really not as confident as I might appear!  


I probably come across as sarcastic, but it's a defense mechanism.  I get really nervous when I talk to people and speaking to a group is out of the question.  Scares me to death!

I was assigned a person I've never met before, so I did a little stalking to make this block!  

To me, this person seems very down to earth and natural.  Not just in her quilting, but her life.  She is amazingly adaptable.  She likes to push the boundaries with her style. She is on a new life adventure  which is sure to enrich her life and take her on new paths.

The leaf is for nature and an unconventional shape for pushing boundaries!

There you have it.  You have learned a little more about me for better or worse!  I am horrible at describing myself, and even worse and describing how I come across to others!  

I feel like I had a mini therapy session!  Thankfully the block is done and I can crawl back out of the microscope and into my sanctuary!!

Our next round will explore Chutes & Ladders!  Playtime!

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  1. It has been really interesting seeing how this prompt was done by the group. I would say you are not alone in feeling like it was a bit like a therapy session. Your blocks look wonderful, and it will be fun to see how Christine pulls them all together.

    1. So far the prompts have been amazing! I’m going to have to come up with something good if I want to hang with this bunch! Therapy at its finest! Its amazingly hard for me to describe myself…I think I have an identity crisis!!

  2. I like how you interpreted the blocks. Yours makes me think of a cloak being thrown over your person to shield yourself. But the yellow means you are glowing with energy and waiting to catch fire.

  3. oh yes, therapy for sure. I can relate to your description of yourself. This is a very challenging prompt!

  4. What a tough challenge. I am impressed you didn't throw in the towel -- I think I would have found any possible reason to be unable to complete the task.
    Thank you for sharing about yourself. It is hard to do. One point I might argue is when you said you "don't like to put yourself out there". I think you do this quite often as you share your work. You are really open about what worked and what might not have. I have always appreciated this about you.

  5. If anyone can rock this challenge, I do believe it is you, my dear :) Who would have thought improv could go this deep?? This was a great prompt but what's that saying...better you than me. I probably would still be hiding from it. I love the break down and meaning behind the blocks you have created. For the assigned blocks, will you guys ever know which block represents you?

    1. You are funny! I cannot believe how hard this prompt was. I’m guessing because it was to represent me…was the reason! If it had nothing to do with me I think it would have been much, much easier! As far as I know we’ll eventually know who was assigned our names for the blocks. Since this is a very laid back group, it may be a while!

  6. Oh goodness, what a challenge. Great interpretation of yourself and the other person. Will be very interesting to see it all come together in the end. I would still be sitting and contemplating what to do, what to do, what to do. Describing ones self is interesting. Do others perceive you as you perceive yourself? If you are shy or introverted are you considered stuck up or not wanting to be where you are or with "those" people and do you give the impression of considering yourself better than those around you. Being shy is so hard to over come. Maybe I need to start cutting fabric now! Nadine W. N. Cali

  7. That was a challenging prompt, and I think you did wonderfully! Beautiful interpretation and colours.


  8. Very interesting prompt and I really like the designs you came up with.

  9. Wow...that was a tough challenge. But you did a great job. I was going to participate in a challenge this month, but the theme was April Fool's Day. I have no clue how to interpret that. Good luck with the next challenge.


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