Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bee Inspired 2018 :: Spring Terrarium

Here we are again!  I was finally able to sit myself down and get my Bee Inspired blocks finished.  The prompt came out several months ago, but I wasn't able to get going on them until this past weekend.  

Heather @quiltachusetts  requested mini vignettes of neutral greens and hints of spring colors using improv.  The finished blocks would be 10"-14" circles surrounded with cream to off-white.  We could use any circle method such as the 6-minute circle, half circles or drunkards paths.  As long as it made a circle it was all good!

This is the the neutral green and Spring color palette we were shown.  Whats not to love about that?!

I decided to use the 6-minute circle method for my blocks.  It's pretty simple and I've had success with it before.  

I made two different sized circles for variety sake, and tried to make each on different enough from each other. 

This one I made first and as you can see, it has a lot of very small piecing!  I used various shades of purple for the 'hint' of color that emerges with Spring.  


This block reminded me of the Forget-Me-Not flowers I planted from seeds this year.  It's a tiny purple flower that peeks out from the green leaves.  


The second block I tried to keep the improv pieces larger and use a different Spring color.  Yellow seemed logical!  

When I say tried to use larger pieces...I did just that, but it always surprises and amazes me when a teeny tiny piece happens to find it's way in the mix!

I did get the feeling of yellow Lilly's while making this block.  However I think it could be tulips or daffodils or just about any yellow flower!  

Next up on the Bee Inspired train...ME!  Yikes!  It's funny how you can have ideas, but you have no clue what to do!  Stay tuned, wish me luck and let's hope I can live up to my Bee Mates example!

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My Bee Mates are amazing! 

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Shelagh @stuartmoorestextiles


  1. I look forward to seeing what you and your bee mates create next!

  2. Very fun and colorful blocks. You did a great job of meeting the criteria of the swap. Hope you have a great idea for your turn.

  3. Beautiful blocks, these will look great combined with everyone else's.

  4. I have been wanting to try that circle technique. Yours are perfect - even with all those seams. Beautiful!

  5. Those are neat. Love the colors, too.


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