Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bee Inspired 2018 :: Top Secret

I can't tell you how excited that September is my month to share my Bee Inspired prompt for our group!  Excited, yes...scared, oh yeah!  There have been so many great prompts from this talented group thus far.  And I wanted to be sure I was able to live up to the those standards, yet make it fun and colorful.  My prompt is pretty basic and doesn't require much interpretation, but I think it'll be fun!  

That's right, Morse Code!  Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse in 1836.  It's a series of dots and dashes that represent letters and numbers transmitted by tapping.  There is a method to tapping dots or dashes and the length between words, rather fascinating actually!  

In a very abstract way, tapping on our keyboards is much like Morse Code to me!  Tap, tap, tap, send, tap, send, tap, tap, tap.  And keeping with abstract and improv, I want the blocks to be an interpretation of dots and dashes without the precision the code requires.

A few of my requirements are: no rulers, black fabric for the dashes, white to ivory for the background, the dashes should 1/2" or less.  Those are the basics.

I have asked each person to make two blocks.  One using the code for their name.  The dots should be different shades of their favorite color.  The second block should be a different color of their choosing, again using different shades.  The blocks can be square, rectangle, long or short and up to 18".  

You are probably wonder what the heck is she talking about!  Let me show you!

I'm a visual person and it helps if I can see the idea in front of me before I jump in.  So, I decided I whip up a couple blocks to show my vision of the prompt.  

JAYNE :: 16" x 14"
My first block is my name.  Jayne.  And my favorite colors these days is pink.  You get the idea now, right?!  

VIOLET ::  15 3/4" x 16"
The second block is Violet.  I'm finding it very hard not to make more blocks!  It was actually quite fun and there are so many colors to play with.

While these next blocks are computer generated, I used them as examples.

Ignore the extra 'E' in the yellow block...I was having so much fun that I didn't notice until after I posted on Instagram!  

I can't wait to see what everyone does, and I'm sorry for those who have long names!  I didn't think about that at the time!

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My Bee Mates are amazing! 

Shelby @godshomemovies 
Jayne @twiggyandopal 
Audrey @artandstole 
Kathryn @kupitis
Heather @quiltachusetts 
Christine @ccpquilt 
Jenny @pappersaxsten 
Shelagh @stuartmoorestextiles



  1. Oh wow, this is going to look so fabulous when all the blocks come together! I love the improv style you have used. I made a small Morse code wall quilt some years back for an online challenge where the prompt was "Dots". I spelled Quilt Happy. It now hangs on the wall in my sewing room. I did applique with uniform dots and dashes, but I like your approach much better. You come up with such great ideas!

    1. After making my test blocks I got really excited about the possibilities! I cannot wait to see what every one comes up with! I’m not sure I’d have the patience to be precise with the dots & dashes!

  2. I learned somewhere, probably from my brothers, that when saying the code dashes are "dah" and dots are "dit." It's fun to spell Tennessee that way.

  3. I can't wait to see what your bee mates make for you!

  4. Neat idea! I want to make a quilt using maritime signal flags to spell things out, and maybe I'll think about how to do that using improv instead of a strict reproduction of the code :)

  5. That's a great idea! Looking forward to seeing them.

  6. oh I'm loving these blocks! Clever idea for sure and the blocks are going to look so good together!

  7. That's amazing! I made a Morse quilt, too, in the beginning of this year. It's a sentence, which was engraved into a pocket clock, my husband got from me for our wedding. It's so much fun to work with it
    Greetings from Germany

  8. Truck just brought it! Looked like it had been drug behind it but the fabric was fine,. thank you so much, beautiful fabric

  9. This is going to be an awesome quilt, what possibilities!

  10. This is such a brilliant idea. I look forward to seeing the blocks you receive.


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