Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sultry Interlude :: Mad for Solids 2019

Here we go again!  Mad for Solids is in full swing!  If you aren't a March Madness basketball fan, I promise you'll be a big fan of this competition.  After all, it's all about fabric and I know you love fabric!  March Madness the quilter's way!  

This year there will be eight beautifully curated bundles of Painter's Palette Solids to make you drool!  With 168 colors to choose from the bundle possibilities are endless.  

This is where you come in!  

The eight curated bundles are placed into a bracket.  Two bundles go head to head each day and the one that receives the most votes advances to the next round.  You can vote for your favorite on InstagramFacebook, and Inspired by Fabric (one vote per site per day, please). 

At the end, and this is the best part, there will be four fans selected to win the curated Championship bundle!  But you have to vote to enter and win!  

This fabric is amazing!  Not just because there are 168 Painter's Palette Solids colors to choose from, but the quality of the fabric is second to none.  It's plain and simply luxurious!

Which brings us to my curated bundle!

I tend to pick bundles based on places I love and this one is no exception! A beach sunset is mesmerizing to watch and you can’t help but stand watching until the last sliver of the sun has dipped into the horizon. That would be my Sultry Interlude! The colors I selected remind me of those moments where subtle yellows, oranges, pinks and reds melt together until they eventually fade away...until tomorrow! 

And then tomorrow comes and we get to witness the full force of Mother Nature all over again. Each night there's a different masterpiece of color being presented for all to see.  

You just can't watch too many sunsets!  It's almost impossible to pull yourself away from watching until the very last sliver has vanished!

Because I don't get to go on vacation often enough, I like to capture that moment in fabric.  I can look at the bundle and it most definitely brings me back to that moment where I couldn't help but stop everything and take it all in.

The colors I selected for my bundle are:
Hot Pink:  121-147, Blush:  121-119, Verbena:  121-118, Daredevil:  121-146, 
Amber:  121-123, Clementine:  121-108, Pencil Yellow:  121-003, Banana:  121-083

A beautiful array of fabrics representing my perception of a sultry sunset!

Naturally I'd love to have your vote!  You can help me or your favorite palette advance to the championship game by voting!  And remember, four winners will be selected to win the  championship fat quarter bundle...but you have to vote!

VOTE HERE:  Instagram, Facebook, and Inspired by Fabric (one vote per site per day).

The second round might not start until later in the day in case you'd like to vote!


  1. I like those choices they sure do look like that sunset photo

  2. Those are gorgeous colors! Those ocean sunsets can be so spectacular - how fun to have a set of fabrics that go with that photo. I'll go vote!

  3. Oh wow, those fabrics are beautiful! Makes me think of Florida sunsets, my sandals on my feet, and warm sunshine!

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking of when I picked these colors! I wouldn’t mind being in Florida right now actually!

  4. I love these sunny colors together.

    1. I love these colors together and hopefully I can come up with the perfect design to showcase them!

  5. You definitely nailed the colors of the sunset. It's a beautiful bundle.


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