Sunday, June 30, 2019

Bee Inspired :: All Caught Up!

I don't know about you, but I find myself constantly putting off things until later.  I say I'll do it tomorrow, or next week and before I know it a month (or two) have gone by.  When I finally have no other choice than to get it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  And, most of the time it was so much fun!

Case in point, my Bee Inspired prompt for April!  Here it's the end of June and I'm just getting to it.  

The April prompt from Shelagh @stuartmoorestextiles was 'April Showers Bring May Flowers'.  


One block needed to reflect the moody April weather using gray pink to dark pink with silver gray accents depicting rain.  These are images Shelagh provided us.  


The second bock was all about blue skies and yellow flowers.  The yellow didn't need to be an actual flower just shapes that resemble flowers.  

The pressure was on...

I decided to start with the flowers.  I gathered my yellow fabric and began the cultivating of my flowers.  Three flowers later, I what I needed.  Yet, I couldn't help but see three eggs over easy!  Yikes!  I reminded myself that these were flowers, they look like flowers and therefore...they shall be flowers!

My idea was the center would be darker as if they were still in the process of blooming, and from there the yellow would become lighter.  Improv flowers are very enjoyable to make, it's the 'fitting' together after the fact that can sometimes be the hard part!

18" x 18"
I had to walk away several times when I became frustrated, but kept coming back until the job was done.  I think it looks pretty good! 


When I make improv pieces like this, I get highly focused!  Almost like I'm in a frenzied trance!  Fabric is flying, rotary cutter is humming and the mess is growing.  By the end of it all I'm exhausted!  Literally mind-numb!

Do you ever feel like that?!  Not that I know this from first hand experience, but it's like running a marathon!  By the end a good stiff drink is needed!

The next day I tackled the moody block.  Once I came up with a semi thought out plan, I grabbed a variety of pink and gray fabric.  This is where my love of pink came in handy!  I have a lot to choose from.

17" x 18"
I just love the images of the pink skies that Shelagh included!  Whether they are real skies or computer enhanced, they are gorgeous.  I was drawn to the second photo and decided I would try to replicate it using curves.  

In order to get the vibe of the photo, I went heavy on the pink for about two-thirds of the block.  Working towards the top using more gray, but including slices of pink.  Does it look like a stormy sky?  Given the colors, the theme and the prompt, I think it works out to be just that!

My last curve adventure was 'Making Waves'.  I was so excited to finally get back to making something with curves again that I was inspired to do it again with this block.  I also promised a tutorial on curves and I have not forgotten!  I have all my strips ready to go...I just need to sit down and do it!

The devil is in the details as they say!  I can almost say I'm caught up with our Bee Inspired group!  

May was my month with the prompt:  A Moment of Zen.  With improv on the brain and being on a roll, I decided I'd try my hand at my own prompt.  I'm nearly finished and I'll share those along with the blocks I've received from my bee mates very soon.

Bee Inspired Mates:  

Kathryn @kupitis
Heather @quiltachusetts 
Audrey @artandstole
Christine @ccpquilt 
Daisy @warmfolk 

Our Hashtag if you want to follow along and see what were up to:  #beeinspired2019 

And of course, the original Bee Sewcial group:  #beesewcial  #inspiredbybeesewcial



  1. These are fabulous, I especially like all of the pinks. x

  2. I love those yellow roses...great with the blue surrounding them...hugs, Julierose

    1. They take a bit of time, but well worth the effort!

  3. Both blocks are wonderful! It sounds like fun to be doing something that pushes you to figure out what will work. Your moody block is lovely - that kind of layering is something I would like to try!

    1. This Bee group certainly pushes me! It’s so difficult interpreting a prompt, but in the end it comes together and I can only hope the recipient is happy with it!

  4. Love, love, LOVE your Moody block, Jayne!! (And I'm not even a "pink person".)

  5. Love those flower blocks, I have seen similar ones on Pinterest and always think I should try it. Your gray and pink is great! Looking forward to the tutorial.

  6. So much fun to see what you are working on, Jayne. I get the frenzied trance thing; I have had a little taste of that while playing with improv and it's really fun, but exhausting. I didn't think eggs at all -- I saw yellow roses, and the stormy pink sky is just lovely.

  7. Both blocks are great Jayne. I really like the pink and gray piece. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. Gorgeous interpretations Jayne. Totally dreamy and relaxing.

  9. Love the theme and your interpretation. Lovely improv flowers, and the close up photo of your wave piece looks fabulous.


  10. These are both gorgeous! I love the pink. I know what you mean about putting things off. I'm supposedly doing the summer sampler and so far I've got one block done. Yikes!

  11. Both blocks are very pretty. I rarely put things off. Some things are delayed because I cant make a decision.

  12. They are all fabulous, but I especially like the pink sky you made.

  13. Please do not take this the wrong way, but I am on Weight Watchers trying to lose weight and your yellow flowers made me think of fried eggs. Food. Graphic and effective and I liked it too much. I just adore your pink skies. It is so peaceful and relaxing. I suppose I might consider it to be like pink cotton candy but since I have never liked eating that stuff I can just imbibe the pinks of your wavy quilt without having to run to the kitchen or restrain myself from running to the kitchen! Great work on both of these! I enjoyed looking at them.

  14. My mom would adore your flower block! She loves yellow roses, and blue and yellow together are her favorite color combo. My eye saw roses before eggs, and only saw eggs because you said the word egg :)

  15. I love the flowers in the blue. I get in a frenzy when I am working on something I really love to finish. Work unto too late and then I can't sleep! I am over-excited!!!

  16. Bee still my beating heart! I don't see eggs, even when I look for them. They are flowers. Period! LOL

  17. You are so funny. Your flowers totally looked like flowers UNTIL you told us that they looked like eggs -- and now I can ONLY SEE EGGS!! I think you should just embrace the fact that your challenge blocks want to be breakfast foods instead of garden bounty. I dare you to applique some bacon off to the side in the blue background... (Or, if you want to master and control those renegade blocks and force them to be flowers, a smattering of applique leaves could help you do the trick). Or if you wanted to be kind of weird in a Salvador Dali kind of way, you could add bacon and a fork on one side of the piece and put the leaves on the other side, so the flowers turn into eggs and back into flowers again as your eye travels across the finished work. :-).

  18. I enjoyed hearing about your blocks. They're gorgeous!


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