Thursday, January 9, 2020

Mini Quilts Are It

A couple few more finishes from last year only required quilting.  Of course, it was something I put off until the last minute and had to cram them in to make my deadline.  I made the deadline and couldn't be more happy about that!  I suppose technically they are considered last years projects, but I'm not sure that really matters too much.

10" X 10"
Geometric paper piecing is one of Kristy Lea's (Quiet Play) specialties!  Lucky for us she shares so many of her designs.  This Geometric Bee was part of her Quiet Play Pattern Club 2019.  

I bided my time until I could make this one!   Several months ago I made a few 'precut' projects that I put in baggies.  That way they were ready for whenever I had spare time to play.  By 'precut' I actually mean I pulled all the different shades of pink, black for the body and the background fabric, and of course...the printed templates for the design.

I used 12 different shades of pink for the wings.  I know, since when do bees have pink wings?!  Creative license is always welcome when quilting!  I thrive on it!  So it only seemed natural and right to go with my favorite color for this bee.

Not to be full of myself, but I actually...actually free motion quilted the entire thing!  I'm laughing here because of course it's obvious if you look closely!  I decided to go for it, not give a care and just have fun.  Which is exactly what happened.  Also because it's only 10" square I was confident I could handle and knock it out in no time!!   

As you can see on the back, I used black thread for the body, two shades of pink for the wings and a neutral for the stippling of the background.

To finish it off I added hanging corners and a scrappy binding.  My husband cut the wooden slat and drilled a hole in the center for me.  And with that I happily cleared a project from my stack and mind!

16 3/4" X 19"
This one has actually been hanging around for quite some time.  After I finished my 
'Blue Wave' quilt using my Textured Twist technique, I was left with extra 'twist' pieces.  I couldn't see myself tossing them in the trash or putting them aside for too long, so I decided I'd make a smaller version of the original quilt with the leftovers.  

This one is about a quarter of the size as the original quilt.  But I kept many things the same, such as:  the curve aspect for continuous flow, Kona White between the twists, and the quilting.  

There isn't a lot of options when it comes to quilting this type of quilt, so it wasn't like I had a choice!!

One thing that is different from the original is the binding.  The original has a faced or knife edge binding and this had the traditional binding.  I'm good with both.  As far as I'm concerned either one works!

What's next?!  A few more last minute quilting projects to share.  A couple scrap busting/stash busting quilts and lord help me...I've got to write a pattern or two and tutorial to boot!



  1. wonderful finishes. love them both!

  2. Oh your blue wave is so beautiful! I have made a textured quilt like that, but the fabrics you have used are so lovely, and add so much to it.

    1. I couldn’t very well let the scraps from the quilt go! A mini is the best way to tackle that problem and end up with something that is different and unique!

  3. I love your blue wave! very creative I think

  4. Congratulations for meeting your self imposed deadline! :) I bet it felt great to start "fresh" in 2020. Both minis are lovely, but you know I love a good ombre.

  5. What a grand way to wrap up a year! Love the bee. I need to check out Quiet Play's Pattern Club!

  6. As a quilter and beekeeper I just fell in love with the sweet little bee quilt. I knew nothing about Kristy Lea's pattern club but checked her payhip site to see if I could still order the pattern but couldn't find it. I contacted her to see if it was available anywhere. Thanks for sharing...both minis are very sweet.

  7. Hooray for (practicing) free motion quilting AND finishing two super cute mini quilts, Jayne!!

  8. Mini quilts are so much fun! I tend to give those projects away as gifts.

  9. Yay you are getting things done. I love them both!

  10. I'm loving the pink wings - never even questioned it! Both quilts are really lovely.

  11. The pink wings are perfect! Congrats on two beautiful finishes.

  12. I love your bee mini! I especially like the background fabric -- too often, I settle for boring backgrounds, and that one has personality, for sure. I'm with you on the "precut" project idea. It helps to have something ready to go when you just want to sew without dealing with fabric pulls or cutting.

  13. Both are awesome!! Well done. I haven't made anything from Pattern Club 2019 yet, but I hope to soon.

  14. I am amazed at all the beautiful finishes you have been sharing. I love the little blue one. How did you find all the energy for these?!


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