Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Runners :: A Variation

I'm not sure why more people aren't in to table runners!  The impact they make in home decor is undeniable, but more than that they are a great way to create something bold and functional.

I love making table runners.  Sometimes just making something small is all I need to get my creative juices flowing, get a chance to play with colors or design and even to experiment with quilting ideas.  

After I made my Graphically Modern quilt top, I wasn't quite done with the design.  It inspired me to play with ideas and see where it might lead.  

CORAL:  14" X 49"
PINK/GOLD/GRAY:  14 1/2" X 48"
  So it can't be much of a surprise that I took it a bit farther than most people might have.  I started this adventure with the runner on the right.  The design lead me to the colors and from there...let's just say I inspired myself!

After designing the runner in EQ8, I pulled my fabric.  Kona Carnation, Bright Pink, Azure, Pool, Dresden Blue, Bluebell, Medium Grey and Shadow.  Lastly Painters Palette Curry.  There's something about this color combination that drew me in and I didn't hold back!


The vertical strips were laid out and I made quick work on piecing the numerous pieces together. 


From there it was only a matter of time before everything was pieced and I had a runner that I felt was perfect.  It wasn't until after it was pieced that I thought perhaps I could make it better.  Could I or couldn't I?!


Once I finished quilting it with 1/2" straight lines and adding the binding, I felt I couldn't fully embrace the design without trying one more variation of color and tweaking the design just a little bit.

So, welcome 'Peach/Coral/Grey' runner!

The design from the first one is modified slightly.  But in the end I decided I like the first version better and the fact of the matter is...depending on what colors you choose, they alter the look no matter what the design is. 

I honestly think that if I had kept the original design and used the coral and peach combo, it would have been enough to change the vibe of the design without having to redesign the original.  

I don't know if that makes any sense at all.  I need to learn that color can change everything.  Or even prints.  Keep the design as is, and by changing colors so to does the design.

Both runners were quilted in different designs.  However each used thread colors that complimented the front.  In my mind, I feel that matching thread color keeps the integrity of the design, but in the end offers an interesting texture throughout.

As for the quilt that inspired all this madness...

I'm working away at slowly quilting it.  I've made amazing progress, but it's time consuming and I've yet to finish.  I do know that my shoulders are aching this weekend from twisting turning and pushing this quilt around!



  1. This just makes me cry 😢 why oh why did a but an octagonal table? I love your runners, beautiful!

    1. While these runners might not work with your table…I bet theres a way to make one that does!

  2. I love it - I like table coverings on my dining room table - it adds a splash of color - I need to make more of them though - I don't change them out often enough

    1. I love having splashes of color throughout my home. Runners, pillows, quilts. They all work! I should really change my runners a bit more often too!

  3. I could, and have, make/made several runners, but I stopped when I realized I have no table to display them. However, I do hang them on a wall, or drape them in groups over my stair rail, or over the back of a chair or couch. I love to give them as gifts. Your two are really fun, with all that color play. I like to see your creative play, and how one design leads to another!

    1. There really are many more uses for runners than just on tables! Thank you for sharing those ideas…now it makes me want to make more!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love your runners. Especially the coral/gray one.
    Thanks for inspiring.

  5. I love runners!! I think I have them on just about every table I own. LOL!

  6. these are so beautiful! I'm a fan of runners too. lately most of mine are handwoven. I need to get back to quilting some

  7. I'm a fan of runners! I have one on my dining table all the time, I just haven't made a new one recently. I also have one on my dresser in my bedroom, come to think of it. I love these you have made, and am anxiously awaiting the reveal of your finished quilt.

  8. Once again I knew these were yours before I ever came to your website!! So very creative and pretty.

  9. I love these! I really like the feeling of motion with them. One of these days, I want a rectangular table so I can make a pretty runner for it.


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