Thursday, May 21, 2020

It's a Home!

Being that this is a small kind of quilt, I wasted little time in quilting it up!  I've enjoyed constructing each tiny house I've made and when I decided to make a larger version I knew part of the fun was going to be in the quilting.

16" x 16"
Not every section was touched with thread!  Some was left to stand on its own and I didn't feel the need to get completely crazy with the quilting!

I used straight lines for the siding and border.  The roof is a grid made up of rectangles to resemble shingles.

The sky is a swirly something or another!  I honestly don't know what you can the design, but it works!  Stippling was placed around the border of hearts and a straight line/pebble design completes the inside border. 

The backing fabric was the perfect find in my stash to complete the 'picture'!  I almost feel like I should have used some of this fabric for the inside of the got me thinking!

Total whimsy with this one!  I enjoy playing around with fabric options and of course, paper piecing always makes me happy!



  1. This is too cute! Love the backing. The quilting is perfect for this little quilt and leaving some areas untouched lets them stand out. Once again you have a winner! sew.likely

  2. The backing fabric is perfect and I'm glad you dove in right away to finish this sweet mini up.

    1. Since I’ve yet to find inspiration or the mojo to make something new or larger, I was able to muster just enough to finish this mini!

  3. What a delightful little finish, Jayne! I like the saying too. What grand fun!

  4. What a fun little quilt! Your clever quilting is the finishing touch.

  5. Oh Jayne - this is such a special little quilt. Sweet and well done with all of your special touches.

  6. Love your use of various quilting motifs to make the Home quilt even more special. Great job!

  7. Sweet little home, your quilting is beautiful. I love the frame around the house!

  8. Wow, that is just filled with happiness, perfect for a mini about home. <3

  9. That's so cute, Jayne! I really love the heart border!

  10. Wow, that was fast. I adore that backing fabric. It was perfect.

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  11. That is super cute!! and the colors are so happy!

  12. Such a fun little quilt and perfectly coordinated.


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