Saturday, June 20, 2020

Heart of the Home :: Townhouses

This isn't a new project, but since it's a real life finish I thought I'd share just the same!  You all know my obsession with mini's, and as of late I've made an entire village of random 
'Heart of the Home' houses.  

9" x 5"
My plan was to design more houses that were all shapes and sizes that would eventually become one quilt of some kind.  I thought a row of townhouses would be a great addition to the mix.  

All my houses are under 'construction' and tucked away on a shelf, until someone on Instagram asked about this trio.  They were interested...which in turn made me interested in finishing it too!  A little motivation was all it took!

I quilted each roof with a different design for tile texture, the sky is a swirl of movement, but the actual houses were quilted simply and exactly the same.  I've never lived in a townhouse, but I imagine they keep a tight rein on design when building a complex.  Since fabric is the 'siding', I took the liberty of giving each home it's own personality!

The back is fabric that I'm trying to bust through and it works well with these minis.  Add a binding and it's a finish!

I'll need to replace this trio of houses for my village idea, but I don't hate that idea!  

Today I'll hopefully finish quilting a lap quilt that has been hanging around waiting on me to muster up some quilting chops.  And and exciting projects can be started!


  1. Super cute row of townhouses, Jayne!!

  2. The backing fabric is perfect! I actually thought you had embroidered that on there until I read the post!

  3. I'll be moving into the aqua house very soon. love this so much

    1. It’s been cleaned and is move in ready whenever you can!!

  4. Always fun to see what you are creating. This trio is pretty darn cute! Love the backing too!

  5. I am glad you had a little push to finish as they are so cute!

  6. They're sweet houses! I think you need gnomes to make them homes. (Sorry, couldn't help myself).

  7. Very cute! Such personalities in each townhome. Coincidentally, I just blogged about my own houses in a quilt, as I finished “Village,” the free Moda pattern. Us quilters are alike in many ways, aren’t we?

  8. That is so cute! I think those are townhouses for gnomes! I love that your house pattern can be used in so many ways.

  9. Love this! We need more houses filled with love. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. very cute little houses. I was also making a village as part of a lockdown quilt!

  11. Such a cute row! You'll be able to house a city when you're done. LOL


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