Friday, February 26, 2021

Time Warp!

Where did time go?!  I cannot believe it's the end of February already and I also cannot believe I spent 8 days with zero, zilch, zippo sewing!  And then let's not forget there was the virtual QuiltCon Together show going on as well!

Many of you know that we quarantine for two weeks in order to spend time with my daughter's God-Children.  There are three of them including the mom ranging in age from 7-1 1/2 years old.  We take Covid very seriously and both our families take extra precautions so that we can all have visits.  

We usually spend three or four days together and then they go back home.  However this time we had the added bonus of snow!  Snow and ice to be exact!  Now, Mid-Tennessee doesn't often see snow except maybe a dusting once in a while.  This time was a bit different and frankly, a very nice surprise!  

It was a beautiful scene!  I love watching the snow falling and how quiet it becomes outside.  Inside was a different story!!  With the roads too treacherous to drive, our 3 day visit turned into 8 days!  The good part was there was snow for the children to play in!  They loved it of course, and it helped getting them outside to play.  

I think we all had a blast and we sure love having the children here!  We are always thankful for our visits.  However...when you aren't use to can be exhausting!  We look forward to the next visit of course, this time without snow!

All that being said, I didn't have one second of sewing in 8 days!  Truthfully the first several were a welcomed change.  But I was going through withdrawals by day 4!  Luckily those days were spent tooling around QuiltCon Together!

I was luckily enough to have two quilts in the show.  QuiltCon is the only show I enter quilts in mostly because don't know any others to enter! 



I understand why a virtual quilt show had to happen and not that I would have been able to go the the show had it been in Atlanta like it originally should have been, but it was nice to see the quilts.  I didn't sign up for classes or lectures...I just looked at all the quilts!  They were great eye candy, but it was a little bit of a let down.  There is nothing like seeing people, their quilts and all the detail in person.  Next year...I hope!

Now that I was finally able to get back to sewing I got to start a project that I've been thinking about for a while now.  Neon pink, Cotton + Steel and Kona Ash!  Couldn't be a better combination in my book!

And of course circles AKA Drunkard Path blocks!  I don't have a lot of the old Cotton + Steel fabric with neon pink left, but it was time to use it.  It just was.  The neon Pink is a Michael Miller fabric that is no longer available.  I bought several yards when I saw it on sale and then realized it was not going to be around for long.  

I drew up a couple blocks in EQ8, printed the templates and began cutting.  By the way, there are a couple prints in the mix that aren't Cotton + Steel, but have neon pink in them!

The blocks are suppose to be 5" finished and an 8" circle.  I always have issues with the edges of the blocks lining up.  I do the crease in the center, often glue my blocks, but they don't always end up perfect.  

I think in the end it might because I don't manipulate (pull!) the fabric enough.  Truth is, in the end it doesn't matter because I'll trim all the blocks to whatever size they need to be.  

Many of my designs aren't set in stone so I'm able to go with the flow.  I make it up as I go!  Which seems to be my way!

Hopefully I can make progress today and soon enough have a finished quilt top to share!!



  1. I really like "Vitality"--Beautiful rendering and colors...good luck in the Show...hugs, Julierose

  2. Miss you, Jayne. Love seeing your work.

  3. Bless you for hosting the extra family for 8 days - wowie! I bet it was fun for the kids to play in the snow, though. Love your new neon pink and gray project. I'll enjoy seeing what develops!

  4. It was definitely strange to have QuiltCon without the benefit of the in person elements, but I'm glad there was something for us rather than a full cancellation. I bet 8 days with so many children was a big change to the normal routine, and it's nice that you all take such care and precaution to be able to see one another. I look forward to seeing where this gray and neon pink adventure take you!

  5. It's understandable why you haven't been able to sew in the last 8 days! That winter weather was quite the plot twist - it was like my weather came to visit you! I'm excited to see what you are creating with those popping pinks and the circles!

  6. I enjoyed seeing a few of the QuiltCon entries around the internet, but didn't have time to attend. Have fun with that neon pink, Jayne!

  7. I felt the same way about QuiltCon Together, Jayne. They did absolutely everything they could to make the virtual show as good as it could be, but "letdown" is how I came away from it, too. I wasn't able to focus on my workshop from home, in the midst of family distractions, and although I watched all of the video content and took notes, I didn't actually DO any of the workshop like I would have if I was in a classroom with the instructor and other students. I only managed to watch two of the five lectures I signed up for and paid for, as well. Looking at photos of quilts on a computer monitor is nothing like seeing them in person, and I definitely missed running into old friends and meeting new ones. I'm so glad you got some fun family time in with the little ones!

  8. How fun to spend time with family, though I completely understand how wearing it can be with small children around. Nice that they could get outdoors to play! Your new project is wonderful! I've never seen fabric that hot pink color, and it's great! Glad you were able to buy so much of it. Your new design looks fun, and I understand the challenge of getting the quarters to match. I'd recommend making full inset circles so as to avoid that problem. But then, I've lately been enjoying making inset circles, so I'm comfortable with them. Lots to explore. Have fun being back at your machine. I understand the emotional disconnect that happens when you're unable to sew!


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