Thursday, October 24, 2013


I love to see finished projects.  Its fun to see someones process.   The work, the time and then the final finished piece.

Which leads me to that PURPLE Knitting Needle Roll!  I finished it last night!  Yeah!  

This one measures 15" W x 15 1/4" H.  It has 15 needle slots, lightweight interfacing, double layer for the pocket, a tie to roll it up and edge stitched for a lovely finished look.

I don't know how to knit.  I wanted to learn a couple years ago and went so far as to buy needles.  But I couldn't figure it out.  Maybe I need to take a Craftsy class for that!

I don't think this should be limited to just knitting needles!  Why not paint brushes?  Or art supplies?  Maybe even pixie sticks!  The only limit to its many uses will be your imagination.  


  1. Pixie sticks, LOL. Chopsticks for the Chinese food fan!

    It's perfect.

    1. Chopsticks are good too! Don't we all have a variety laying around?!

  2. One word for someone who wants to learn to knit: youtube. I was able to watch the video over and over again until I understood it visually. Oh, and they had a version for a left-handed person, always a plus in my book!

    1. I need to see something over and over before I get it. youtube and craftsy would be the first places I would check out! thanks for reminding me about youtube!


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