Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pantone Spring 2014

I have always been drawn to color.  Rich, bright, bold.  When I saw Pantones Spring 2014 colors here: www.play-crafts.com/blog/, I thought 'ME'!  

Either I'm more in tune with fashion than I thought, or I just use a lot of color.  If you knew me, you know I just use a lot of color!!

I decided to check my stash and see if I am following the trend.  This is what I came up with.  My conclusion is this:  Close but no cigar!  My colors tend to be more vibrant and bright.  

I'm not as hip as I thought!  

Trend.   A general direction in which something is developing or changing.  


  1. Your colors are SO close, though! That counts for something. I really like the Paloma color...Such a pretty gray. I'm now following your new blog! =0)

  2. That just means you are a braver trend setter, using the brighter, bolder colors!

  3. I just CANNOT with these colors. It's the softness I don't like -- they're so . . . dusty. Kate Spain colors, maybe (I always hate Kate Spain colors, with the bluey purples and purply blues).

    Now your version, those are nice.

  4. I really can't get behind hemlock. Gimme bright, bold, saturated colors! I'm with you, but it's probably genetic... !!

  5. oh, i'd say close enough! the fact that you actually have all those solids in your stash that are that close is amazing! wow! i want more fabric! (;

  6. and...it's interesting how different we all are - i like the 4 colors on the left by far the most - in general i am NOT a bright color person - give me Parson Gray any day...but then again, i love Amy Butler, too! the important thing, i think, is not to bind ourselves up in definitions of "who we are" and "what we like" and "what is 'in'"...i'd rather be undefined and be able to surprise myself with colors i didn't know i'd like...if you think about it, it's often the things "we would never do" that we find ourselves ooo-ing and ah-ing over...

    1. I agree on being undefined! I don't like boundries! Much of the fun is trying new color combinations - even ones you don't normally gravitate towards!

  7. and one last thing, speaking of color...i LOVE your guild's logo! it is a great example of a really great palette that i'll bet a lot of people would say, "i would never have thought of putting those together, but they are great!" as a matter of fact, it's going in my "palette to-do list"! (:

  8. I almost always find that my tastes (and therefore, stash) go a lot better with their fall colors than their more pastel-y spring colors. :) And someone pointed out on my blog that Jenny is right: Kate Spain's new line incorporates a ton of these colors!


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