Monday, March 31, 2014

Vice Versa Block #3

This is a two block a month BOM.  Vice Versa.  I don't usually wait so long to do anything.  Rarely do I have numerous quilts going at once.  I'm a start and finish kinda gal!  Until this month!  March~you kicked my butt this time around!  In the end I won!  I got it done with hours to warrior, that I am!

I like this block.  Bear's Paw.  I'm leaning towards the block on the right as my favorite.  Maybe!

The more I see these and the other two, the more excited I get!  I cannot wait to put them all together one day!  There are six more months.  Twelve more blocks.  It'll be a while.  Good thing I have the patience of a Ninja...

What do you think?  Which is your favorite?  


  1. I am drawn to the dark background one, but both are really eye catching...looking forward to your progress!

  2. I like the dark background one as well. Nice work!

  3. love them both. March kicked my tail too. I'm behind and did not squeak in under the wire.

  4. I love them both as well, but I have to agree that the darker background is quite striking. I have am working out some kinks in a project that is built in a very similar way as this block. Do you have a link to a tutorial? Hmm, maybe I'll have to buy the pattern from Gen X. Thanks for sharing. :) Jan-Michael

  5. gahhhhhh I LOVE THESE! Both of them!! I can't choose a favorite!


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