Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Bright Spot!

Only in Tennessee can it go from the 30's to the 80's in a days!  With the beautiful warmer weather, we get to bask in the daffodils!  

It was such a lovely day yesterday.  My daughter, Britt and I were able to take some pictures for our Etsy shops.  We had to use the sunny yellow flowers that have magically appeared the past few days!

Regardless of what your weather is doing today...I hope these bring you a little ray of sunshine and happiness!


  1. Very pretty! So nice to see a sign of spring! Thanks Jayne!

  2. They did! How lucky you are to have them. And here to it can daily go from 40 to 90 - that's just the way it is in SoCal - 40 the low 90 the high.


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