Monday, April 14, 2014

Best Daughter Ever!

I would imagine anyone who has a daughter says the same thing!  But I really mean it!  I mean...look at this Feast of Fasset Fabric!

Yummy enough to eat!
Last week, Britt took a short trip to Chattanooga.  Her friend (and ex-boss) Janet came to town, and whisked her away for a few days.  I knew they were going to spend some time at a fabric store.  Britt kept asking 'what fabric do you want' or 'what do you need'.  My response was a resounding 'nothing', 'I don't need anymore fabric right now' and 'I am trying to work through some of the crap I have' (I did say that)! 

Knowing what a Woven Stripes/Shot Cotton fiend I am and confronted with a huge selection of these, she couldn't say no!  She promptly called her family cohorts and they gave me an early Mother's Day present! and fabric!

I'm excited about taking a trip to Chattanooga to visit this fabric shop!  Its called 'SPOOL'. Also on Facebook~here, and the home of 'BadAss Quilters Society'.  It is a highly recommended destination, so says Britt!  (and I trust her 100%)

This could be fun...
After seeing all these beautiful colors...oh la la...the stripes, my mind has been on overload!  What should I make?  What should I make?!  'Relax' I say!  'You'll know what to do when the time is right'.  True.  I will.  

New colors, new toys, new inspiration!  I can always count on my daughter.  She knows my quilting taste so well.  Its been way too long since she and I made a quilt together, maybe I can entice her to collaborate together using these?!  

We shall see.  She is a busy lady with her soap business,  Hello Soap...plug!   Biased, yes.  But her soap is fabulous! 


  1. What a nice daughter - that is one gorgeous stack!!

  2. Oh wow-that's a spicy pile of family love !~! As a stripe-lover, too, I can see where this could make a quilter's week !~! Happy Mother's Day to you.

  3. That was a very thoughtful gift. I recently bought some Kaffee green stripes and I love them.

  4. Terrific fabric and wonderful daughter. You are a lucky lady!

  5. Sweetness! Your family and your new fabric! What a cute looking shop. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those stripes!


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