Sunday, April 13, 2014

Not To Be Redundant

I sometimes feel like I keep doing and showing the same thing.  Over and over again! While they may be the same design~using hand dyed fabrics with all the wonderful textures and variations, creates a different feel to each finished quilt.  In my opinion.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.  

Since my last two half square triangle quilts sold (huge thrill and shock to me), it made me determined to do it again!  

Without further ado~I bring you take #2!

HST Lap Quilt.  This one is 45"x61".  I did use smaller HST and added a border.  The same, yet different!

I do love the border an the bright green backing.  Machine quilted with straight lines.

Sweet baby!  Perhaps one of my favorite design of late!  This one measures 32"x43". Perfect size for a sweet baby or to hang on your wall!

And there it is.  Take #2.  I have a feeling I will be revisiting this design again.  And again!

Do you have a 'go to' design that you use on a regular basis?  I would love to hear what it is!

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  1. Beautiful! HSTs are hard to beat for great designs! And what could be better with such lovely fabrics! Thanks for linking up with Sew Solid Sunday.

  2. These are so lovely (as were the two that you sold)! The colors are so vibrant and alive -- just what is needed after such a long winter. The straight line quilting is perfect and keeps the focus on the fabrics. HST will be one of my next quilting projects. Your work is always top quality! Nadine in N Cal.

  3. Hi Jayne. It's nice to meet you through Sew Solid Sunday. Your quilts and hand dyed fabrics are lovely. I love all the potential when working with HST. So many possibilities and you have used them well.

  4. I love the second quilt you show. That design just appeals to me on some level; I cannot recall seeing it done like you have done it here--it's stunning.

    I have no go to design-each one seems to come out its own way even when I think I'm repeating.

  5. I love HST and your quilt is absolutely gorgeous with its beautiful colors! Love the other quilt too!

  6. cheers on a sale! I've been wondering about setting up an etsy shop.

  7. I love the colors and the quilt patterns! Gorgeous!

  8. I love it! Solids and near solids - rock!

  9. This is gorgeous. Such a cheerful quilt.


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