Monday, June 2, 2014

Catch Up!

Happy Monday Morning!  I know its early, but so far this week is starting off pretty great! How optimistic is that?!

I realize I have some catch up to do.  A few projects to share.  An update.  Maybe a little rambling on.  I'm not sure where time goes.  I know there are plenty hours in the day, days in the weeks and weeks in the month...but really?  It seems like there isn't enough!  (that was my ramble)

So, let me up date you!  My last post was about this big queen quilt:  Well Worth It.  After stressing out on so many levels about this, my customer received it.  Turns out she loves it!  Whew...load off my mind!  She and I discussed pillow covers for the next phase.  I thought she was talking two.  Turns out its four!  Two square and one rectangle.  And one that is, dare I say HUGE again?!  I guess you would call it a body pillow that is used as a bolster.  I'll be back in improv/abstract mode before too long!

Here is my Vice Versa BOM blocks from last month.  Another few days and there should be another pattern...whatever will it be?!

I love the border on this one!

It wasn't until this very second...seriously....that I see I messed this one up!  It looks different from the first one!  It appears I didn't place the corner pieces correctly!  ARGH!  I think maybe I will be doing this one over again!

They look good together even with the mistake!  I'm still scratching my head over this!

Just a pretty little stack of zipper coin purses!  I am loving this color combination!  I have a story behind these!  However, it will have to wait for the next post!!  



  1. stoppying by from the linky party Anything Goes Monday. come visit my blog, I have a giveaway.. Yes pretty.. they intimidate me

  2. I am looking forward to those little zipper the colours! Thanks for popping over to anything Goes Mondays

  3. I love those blocks, such vibrant colors! And if you hadn't pointed out it was wrong, I never would have noticed. :) You merely made up a new pattern!

  4. I can see how the blocks are not the same, but I still think it looks great!

  5. Such fun colours for your blocks and I had to go back to catch the mistake you mentioned. Very pretty!
    Your little zip pouches are like candy - so sweet - love the colours.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry I missed that reveal - Well Worth It was well worth it! I LOVE the design! Great work, Jayne : )

  7. Congratulations on the additional order for the pillow, Jayne! Your blocks look great to me.... I don't see this mistake. Nice pastel coin purses. Great photo!


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