Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here I Go Again!

Back at it!  Improv/Abstract mode in full swing again!  After finishing the biggest quilt I have ever made and taking a well deserved brain break from it...I'm 'back in the saddle' so to speak!

Here is the post where I revealed the finished quilt:  Well Worth It!  It was massive and very rewarding!  The finished quilt was delivered to my customer who loved it!  Whew!  It's always a relief to hear that!  You just never know!

The next phase was pillows.  She asked, I said yes...thinking two regular sized pillow covers.  Turns out it four and 3 different sizes!  Luckily I'm up for the challenge!

This is the first one and the smallest of the four measuring 12" x 24".  All the pillows will end up with a classic envelope closure.

I wanted to make each pillow like the quilt, but different so they stand out a little bit.  This one is much darker.  I used a little white, but mostly colors.  Measuring at a whopping 18" x 52.5" it is the biggest pillow I have ever made!  I guess this quilting project has become the 'bigger is better' project!

Right now I am working on the last two.  In the end they will be 26.5" x 26.5" square.  

It was really hard to get back in the improv mode after the quilt.  I was fighting it, trying to get my head in the game.  

It helped to take a break.  I finally got to hand dye more fabric!  My stash has been slowly dwindling!  Here is a sneak peak at a few pieces me and my daughter dyed:

We played with the Shibori method on these pieces.  Kind of a loose version I would say!  It's amazing what a little twine, twisting and folding can create!  



  1. Very very cool blocks. Great colours too : )

  2. Those improv pillows are going to be really stunning. the colours in them are just beautiful and they will look wonderful with the quilt (which is amazing).

  3. Love the pillows of course all your creations are so wonderful - I love the improv - the fabric dyeing looks like such fun too

  4. They are looking great. Congrats on finishing the BIG quilt. The pillow case will look great with it.


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