Monday, August 11, 2014

Feverishly Finished

Yay!  I get to show a finished quilt!  After reworking the pattern ever so slightly, this quilt is in the bag so to speak!

42 1/2 x 63"
With a renewed sense of excitement for my pattern, I'm anxiously awaiting to get this baby on paper now!

The back looks like gray in the picture.  It is Kona Bluebell and is a very lovely blue-ish purple.  I added a scrappy Shoo-Fly just for the fun of it!

I quilted it in 2" diagonal squares using no less than 20 different thread colors!  Gotta keep with the color theme!  I am very pleased with this one!

I was so excited to get this in the wash.  I threw it in the drier while I ran to the grocery store, only to come back to a still wet quilt!  ARGH!  My drier died!  We fixed it only months ago too. A trip to Lowe's on friday and a new drier on sunday!  (it was 15 years old)




  1. BEAUTIFUL! Those colors and the design are great! I can't wait to buy this pattern! Great Job!

  2. I really do love how it came out, it will be a good seller.

  3. Wonderful pattern!

  4. Great quilt. I really like the arrangement in the layout. And I especially like the block with all the colors for the back!

  5. When will the pattern be available, and what sizes will it include? I might have a secret need in the near future for a quilt like this .

  6. Have you sent it to pattern testers yet? (hint)

  7. It's really cute! Like coloured soap bubbles...

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your dryer. :( May the new one have long life & be affordable and efficient!

  8. What a super sweet finish, Jayne! Love the colourful crosshatch quilting and the scrappy shoe-fly on the back. Looking forward to your sharing the pattern!

  9. Love the design. Clean, simple and colorful. Great Job!


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