Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not In Command!

Command hooks.  They have been such a lifesaver for so many things.  I use them for a lot of my sewing organizing.  Let's face it, organizing is fun!  I sometimes have to wait until the mood is right, stars aligned, perfect storm...but sometimes...sometimes there really isn't a choice when it gets done.  Something happens and you gotta drop everything and deal!

Sunday morning was when my disaster occurred.  I just fed the dog.  Had a nice hot cup of coffee in my hand.  Ready to do some computer work.  When all of the sudden I heard this noise.  A noise unlike any I have heard before.  It was really quite an amazing sound. What the heck...where did that come from...I figured it out.  My sewing closet.  I whipped opened the door and this is what I saw!

Thread.  Everywhere.  Bobbins.  Bags. Thread organizer.  Yarn.  I was stunned.  It was way too early to deal with this!!!  Oh command hooks...why, why, why???  I shouldn't have been surprised.  It hung on the wall for years without budging.  Sooner or later the 'stick 'em' will no longer stick!

To be honest, I let it be for most of the day.  Eventually I did pick all the spools up.  They were everywhere!

The spools weren't so bad.  The bobbins on the other hand...were a mess!  I saved the ones that had the most thread on them and unwound the rest!  I was surprised at how many bobbins I had with little thread on them.  I couldn't really do much with so little!

I hammered in a proper hook that will not go anywhere!  It is secure and this will not happen again!  

The good news is my thread is organized!  It looks so pretty all color coded.  Tidy.  I'm pretty sure I will not have to do this again anytime soon!

Have you ever noticed how a praying mantis rocks back and forth?  So bizarre!  I saw this guy on Sunday after I finished with my thread chaos.  I'm going to say he was doing a victory dance for me...


  1. Well bummer. Glad you got it all sorted out : )

  2. I've never seen such a large thread holder. Mine are in several drawers by type. It's so nice to have yours this well organized. I'm sure the praying manits was doing the happy dance.


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