Wednesday, October 15, 2014

HST Cluster (Bleep!)

Here I go again!  Half-Square Triangle madness!  Will I ever get enough?!  Yes...and No!  

My 4" mass of squares ready to pair up and sew together.

This is some serious gorgeousness!

The beginning of many, many diagonal sewing lines.  And then squaring up.

Alas, I'm doing something a little different.  I was playing on my iPad and came up with this design.  I am affectionately calling it:

Cluster F*#K

Yes, I am and I apologize for my Sailor/Quilters mouth!  I have always said the old saying 'swears like a sailor', really should be 'swears like a quilter'!!  

My fabrics aren't as bright at this and I did change up a few things on the actual quilt.  

Hand Dyed and Shot Cottons.  The gray is Moda Bella Solid.  
Another example of what you can do with pounds and mounds of hand dyed fabric!

I am pretty sure I will do geometric quilting.  It always floats my boat!  Thankfully my machine has been serviced and is ready to take on some good old quilting again!

Please tell me I am not the only quilter that sometimes can't control her mouth!!  I'm very good at cleaning it up when I go out in public though!

And I am still in the progress of fixing my blog mess.  Still haven't figured out the HTML for my sidebar buttons!  (secretly swearing right now :)



  1. I have trouble controlling my mouth sometimes too... Especially when the seam ripper comes out. Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt!

  2. Love your new design, Jayne! Your HST's look great!

  3. I love the subtle gradations of colour in your 'solids' - such a great quilt! And yes, my mouth often runs away with me - 'effing and blinding', as my mother would call it, at my sewing machine - which recently has not wanted to play ball!!!

  4. Can't wait to see your 'geometric quilting'! Looks good so far!

  5. I'm sure geometric quilting will be great on it :)

  6. Love, love, LOVE what you're doing with the hand-dyes and the geometrics - makes me want to run to my sewing room! My daughter used to remind me that swearing at school was NOT allowed everytime we went for any school, yes....sailor's mouth (aka quilter's mouth) runs amok regularly!!
    Enjoy your blog!!


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