Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quilt Art ~ Amazing!

I meant to write post yesterday.  Good intentions and all...and then I opened up my blog!  

WTH?!  What was going on?!  My header, pictures, buttons all gone.  Nothing but a big circle with a minus sign.  I'm still working on getting the sidebar buttons back. And pictures.

It's true, I am not computer savvy at all.  Not one little ounce of tech in me.  You can show me over and over how to do a computer related something or another, but in the end my eyes glaze over and it is soon forgotten.

What did I do, you ask.  I thought I was being smart by signing up for google +. Sharing, following or whatever it is you do with it.  When I say my imported photos, I thought 'who wants to see the same photo over and over'?  I deleted and deleted some more.  

When I saw what I had done I panicked.  Mentally kicked myself.  And quickly opted out of google + forever!

So, today will be spent trying to figure out codes and HTML.  Big ICK in my book! But first I want to share some Quilt Art!

I love seeing buildings with quilts painted on them.  Barn art is pretty amazing too!  I saw these pictures on Pinterest and thought they should be shared!

This is Garnet Hill Park in Glasgow.  Way amazing, don't you agree?!  What better way to 'dress' up a big brick building!

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