Saturday, July 1, 2017

Travel Project :: EPP

I don't travel that often, truth be told...rarely if ever!  I'll be gone for one entire week and one worries if life will go on at home without me!  It is a good reality check for family who have gotten way to comfortable having me around 24/7.

I'm flying to Minneapolis, meeting up with two of my sisters and then heading to my Moms. My mom has decided she wants to go back to Oregon.  We will pack her up, send her things and make the transition as easy and painless as possible for her.  

It won't be all packing, there will be down time.  I can't stand not having 'hand' work to do in the evenings, and cannot imagine not having anything sewing/quilting related to do for a week!

I made up an English Paper Piece travel kit to keep me busy and sane!  

You gotta have thread, scissors, needles, clips and adhesive thimbles...along with the actual EPP pieces!

I have not one ounce of a clue what I'll do with these blocks.  I guess it really doesn't was a scramble to get something together!

But I did decide to keep in cohesive and picked all Anna Maria Horner fabric.  That's something!

I tried not to go to weird...too late!  This might be a weird one!  I've seen so many amazing fussy cut EPP blocks.  Maybe one day I'll figure out the method to the madness!

Getting better?!  We'll see once they are stitched together! 

I do love the bright yellow!  Believe it or not, this is voile.  I had a scrap from who knows where and wondered who this fabric would turn out and stitch up as an EPP.  Anyone ever tried it?!  

Maybe these will become a pillow one day.  Or maybe I'll only make them when I leave town on a trip!  

I wanted to bring some fabric for one of my sisters, but needed a 'vessel' to carry it in.  So I took an hour and made up a quick little project bag.  I love project bags!  I'm thinking I should just give up on every thing else related to bags and zippers except project bags! Those I can handle!



  1. I do a lot of my EPP with voile, it is really easy to work with. I do tend to keep to just the same kind of fabric though , if I am using voile everything will be that, although if I am appliquéing the finished blocks then I will go on to quilting cotton. x

  2. Have a good trip Jayne! Your epp looks fantastic! Must be fun to plan the fussy cut pieces. x Teje

  3. Have a safe travel! Love the vinyl bag :)

  4. Safe travels and I hope the move and transition for you mom will be greatly eased by you and your sisters.

  5. Have a save trip Jayne ! Love your fabric choice for the EPP project. Hope to see these blocks in a finished project ;-)

  6. I love the teal one. Is that bag a WIP bag pattern from crazy mom quilts or s this one of your patterns? I have her WIP bag but haven't made it up yet. I actually dug out the pattern the other day to try it and II got pushed to the side but really want to make one. Her pattern calls for 18 gauge plastic and I have some plastic but not sure what gauge it is. Is there a way to find that out short of going back to the store with it?

  7. Have a nice trip. I take an EPP kit with me every time I travel. The hexie flowers or the stars always find use in some future project.

  8. I always have my EPP on trips and one day I will even sew all those circles together
    Safe trips

  9. The EPP-s look so pretty and colourful. Love the tiny box! I am sure you will find a very clever way of using the blocks. The project bag looks fabulous! Have a safe trip! Packing is tough, so make sure to have fun as well :)


  10. So pretty, so neat and so efficient - must be Jayne!!!


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