Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Moment of Zen :: Bee Inspired

In my last Bee Inspired post, Bee Inspired :: All Caught Up, I mentioned that since I was in the bee block mode I may as well try my hand at my own prompt and make a couple blocks.  

The prompt I came up with was A Moment of Zen.

ZEN:  a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.

Finding the right balance in life isn't always easy.  Hectic schedules, work, family or deadlines sometimes throws us into a tailspin, when all we want or need is a moment of calm.  My life isn't nearly as crazy as so many others, yet I still search for that moment of Zen.  Centered, calm and peaceful.  



I wanted everyone to think about Zen Gardens.  Sand, lines and a focal point.  The center point could be round or oval shapes with the quantity up to the maker.  

I wanted the colors to be calm neutrals, sand, beige, gray, aqua, blue or off white.  Not my usual color palette, but necessary for a Zen state of mind! 


When I received the first blocks from Audrey @artandstole, I was super inspired and anxious to make my own Zen version.  I had a very hard time getting good pictures of the blocks! 

Here are Audrey's:

I love that each block is different, but still captures the calm vibe I was hoping for. 

Audrey wasn't happy with one of her blocks, so she made three!  I love all three and think they all work and certainly fit the theme.  

My first block started with the circle.  I'm a huge fan of the six-minute circle technique and used it with both of my blocks.  

I wasn't aiming for perfect circles but I did want three shades of blue and I got that!

My goal for the lines was to make them appear as if they had shadows by using a darker gray between a light gray.  Truthfully, I've never used a rake in a zen garden, but I'm imagine that it would be hard to keep the lines perfect!  


This block started with the lines which are about 1/4" wide.  I tried to keep the curves consistent, but it wasn't easy!     

This Kaffe Fasset Shot Cotton with hints of aqua and sand was perfect for this block.

Again with the six-minute circles!  I think I'm feeling a sense of calm after finishing my blocks!  Bee Inspired 2019 blocks are all caught up.  I cannot wait for the other blocks to show up!

I hope you find your 'Moment of Zen'!  

Bee Inspired Mates:  

Kathryn @kupitis
Heather @quiltachusetts 
Audrey @artandstole
Christine @ccpquilt 
Daisy @warmfolk 

Our Hashtag if you want to follow along and see what were up to:  #beeinspired2019 

And of course, the original Bee Sewcial group:  #beesewcial  #inspiredbybeesewcial



  1. Replies
    1. It does have the calmness that I was was hoping for!!

  2. These are wonderful calming colors, and I love this idea! I hope all the people participating feel the zen as they make their blocks.

  3. Very zen. What I need right now is more zen and a peaceful place to be. Love the colors. Nadine W. N. Cali

  4. Interesting prompt and color palette - definitely calming. You are SO good at those circles. Love the one with three blues.

  5. Those are beautiful colors and curves, Jayne! They're going to make a beautiful quilt! Thanks for the link to the 6 minute circles tutorial - that's something I'd like to try, too.

    1. I can’t wait to see what the other bee members come up with. I love the 6 minute circle and have become a bit obsessed with it lately!

  6. Fantastic prompt, Jayne! I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of the blocks (when they arrive.)

  7. Love all of those blocks. I can't wait to see what other blocks arrive on your doorstep. Thanks for sharing with Oh!

  8. All these blocks really capture the Zen garden feel! I love this soft palette, too :)

  9. These are great blocks. I need more Zen in my life. I'll have to check out the tutorial for circles.


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