Thursday, December 19, 2019

One More Completed

I've just about completed all of my 2019 WIP's from my sewing room.  And I gotta say it feels great!!  It doesn't mean I haven't worked in a few little extras here and there, but to have all the big projects finished always takes the stress load off my shoulders this time of the year.  I love starting a New Year with fresh projects and a clean slate.  This year will be no exception!

47" x 61 1/2"
I have shared this quilt before (Re-Do, Re-Work, Re-Think), the difference this time is it's quilted!  My goal has always been to write a pattern for this quilt, however that has yet to happen.  I really have to get in the right frame of mind before I tackle pattern writing!  It will be one of the first things I tackle in 2020!

I'm quite pleased with the results of this new version of my design and think it just might be ready to put it to the pattern test.  

For once I kept the quilting simple!  I was looking for it to be finished, not be a showstopper!  I quilted horizontal straight lines and diagonal straight lines varying the width from 1-2".  It seemed like the best choice.

I was happy to finally use some of my Alison Glass stash for this one.  And the background is Kona Silver.  

However, I think this would be a good design to use any and all scraps.  Prints, solids...they would all work.     

Another couple of points about this quilt, it's forgiving!  Not all blocks are created equal especially when I make them.  If for some reason you aren't a fan of this Shoo-Fly block, you could use any block as long as it's the same size, or you could mix and match.  Just sayin'!  I for one love changing it up and putting my twist on things, so you easily do that too!

That being said I better get to business and write the pattern first!  I guess this is the time to say 'stay tuned'!

Do you design and write patterns?  What advice would you give to those of us that fear the process?



  1. I love that there are so many willing and able to write and design patterns but I have never had the interest to do so.
    Love what you have done with this

    1. Pattern writing seems to be so easy for some people and they can crank out a pattern seemingly with ease. I kick and fight the entire way!

  2. We all have our niche, some write and some sew! You already know I love this quilt. I wish I had the ability to test it for you but it wouldn't be until April for me. I love that you said it could be done with any block that matches the sizes in your quilt. That is an awesome idea!!

  3. Very fun and colorful! This quilt definitely has possibilities to change it up a bit and have fun with it. I don't write patterns, but I do a lot of writing for work. My advice is just get started. If there's a part that's easier for you or you like doing start there. No one said you had to start at the beginning as long as you get all the parts and pieces documented in the end.

  4. I've been designing and writing mini patterns for my brother and SIL's quilt shop; a small endeavor, but it has been interesting to do. The most challenging thing is getting all the steps in. It's so easy to miss some step along the way. I've learned so much from pattern testing for others, it really has helped me in the small amount of pattern design that I do. That being said, I'd be happy to test, if you need testers.

  5. It looks super all quilted up! Congrats on another fine finish! I know pattern writing is REALLY hard work, so I decided early on not to tackle that. So no advice for you on that front. Actually, I have very little advice for you at all, since you're one of my role models so I'm usually looking for inspiration FROM you :)

  6. All Hail Queen Jayne - the Slayer of UFOs and WIPs!!!

  7. Sometimes it’s just good to get something quilted up simply and have it done. But I think your choice of quilting for this fits well with the pattern, too. Yes, it does seem versatile. Happy pattern writing in the new year. I will happily leave pattern writing to you, ‘cause that would just twist up my mind.

  8. Great finish Jayne. I still have 16 UFOs to get done this year. Can I send you some?

  9. This turned out terrific! I LIKE the idea of writing patterns, but unfortunately am no help at all for you... Good job getting your wips done!

  10. Congratulations! Love this one too ;)

  11. That is so bright and fun, Jayne! I love the way the rings pop out from the background! Congratulations on your finish!

  12. Great little quilt. Hum, I can't imagine what it would feel like to finish all of my UFOs. They are like children who refuse to leave home!

  13. It looks great -- bright and vibrant. Well done on finishing all your WIPs.


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