Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Little Things

A few weeks ago we had a little visitor!  Josephine is an adorable, sweet and charming little lady that entertains us to no end.  She is 2 1/2 and had no hesitation spending the weekend and just hanging out.  Of course we had to have a few fun projects lined up to keep her amused, but even so I could have kept her for an entire week if her parents had allowed it.

My daughter Britt and I planned on having a cookie baking and decorating day.  That's always fun with kids!  I decided it would be fun to make a child's apron for Josephine and promptly hit the Internet for ideas.  

I ended up drafting my own pattern from newspaper.  It was super simple, super fast and super cute!


While I was making it I kept thinking how small it was and hoping it would fit her.  Jokes on me and it shows just how little time I spend with children!  It was quite big for Jo, but it didn't really matter because she loved it anyway.  There's growing room, that's for sure.

I put the heart over Jo's face to respect and protect her and her parents privacy.  I'd love to share that sweet little face, but these days you have to be mindful about sharing too much!

The fabric is robots and a chunk I've had for years.  I thought it would be cute and the colors are pretty together.  

A pocket can be useful for snacks or treasures that children always seem to have.  I found this red mouse fabric and stitched it on.  

The apron is double sided (same fabric on both sides).  I edge stitched around the sides and added some wide gray twill ribbon I had on hand to finish it off.  

Eating the fruits of her labor!  It's so funny watching kids decorate treats!  I've never seen so many sprinkles on one cookie!  And it's always add a pinch of sprinkles, lick your fingers and add more!!  

She had a blast, we had a blast!  You would think after a weekend with us she'd be anxious to go home.  Much to my surprise she wasn't!  

Another 'little thing' I made is also for Josephine.  It's for Christmas though, so she'll have to wait a while.

23" X 27"
I've wanted to make a doll quilt for her all year and finally had the chance.  Now, the fabric isn't exactly girly or sweet princess like, but I've never been one to adhere to those girl myths!  

Instead I went with Alison Glass Handcrafted and bright pink.  It just so happens I've had these bonus HST's laying around and finally got the chance to put them to use.  Not only did I use every single one of them, I also used every single piece of the Kona Valentine solid.  I love when that works out that way!

The half square triangles are 2" finished.  I stitched in the ditch of the rows and then did a some curves in the pink rows.  Simple, effective and done!

The back is Folksy Flannel by Anna Marie Horner.  Since the front isn't girly I decided to make the back more so.  Now we just need Christmas to arrive!

When Josephine was here we dug out Britt's Cabbage Patch doll for her to play with.  The doll was very well loved by Britt way back in the day, and by Jo!  That weekend prompted me to get this little quilt finished.  It'll look adorable with the baby doll we also bought for her for Christmas!  Spoiled?!  Yep!  And its so much fun to do!

This doll quilt is the only gift I made for Christmas this year.  It was kind of refreshing for a change.  

Have you finished all your secret sewing projects?  



  1. I should have thought to make aprons - we will be doing cookies tomorrow - it is fun having young children in the house at this time of year even if they aren't yours like the two that are coming over tomorrow with my daughter - they aren't hers either - lol we are borrowing them for the day to make the holidays more fun! :)

  2. SO sweet! I made my 9yo granddaughter an apron when she was about Jo's age, and she still runs to get it every time we're in the kitchen together. Guess I should make one for the 1yo now!! ;-) So glad you had such a fun time.

  3. Replies
    1. We had so much fun and she loved her apron. I’m pretty sure she’ll love the doll quilt as well since my daughter and I bought her a special baby doll to go with it!

  4. Great apron! How fun for Jo to have her very own while making cookies :)

  5. Well, no wonder she didn't want to leave. What fun! Cute apron, cute doll quilt. I'll bet those cookies were tasty, with all the sprinkles!

  6. An apron is a great idea. I'm sure she had an awesome time.

  7. The apron is really cute and the quilt is gorgeous! Stunning!

  8. That apron is perfect, because you know she'll be coming back for another visit after the fun she must have had at your place. She'll probably be trying to squeeze into it to make cookies for her high school grad. Love how leftovers turned into a sweet doll quilt; it's adorable.

  9. What a cutie, and I love both the apron and doll quilt you made her! I bet she loves them, too!

  10. When I saw the apron on Oh Scrap I didn't think it would lead me to you! Way different than your quilts;) It is so adorable, how fun for you to be baking cookies with such a cutie pie! She'll love the snuggly quilt for her doll.

  11. what a sweet apron and darling doll quilt! I didn't do much secret sewing this year either.

  12. I love decorating cookies with kids. The more sprinkles the better!

    Your apron is adorable and the doll quilt from your scraps will be well loved I'm sure. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't play the girly girl color game. My girls were in the brightest colors I could find in clothes. No pale pink for them. And now they prefer black or navy, LOL! The quilt is adorable and she will love it!!! And who doesn't love sprinkles!

  14. Josephine is adorable! The apron and the little quilt are so pretty. Oh I do remember Cabbage Patch dolls. My daughter had one.


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