Sunday, December 21, 2014

Feather Pillow Finish

A little while back I made my first trial feathers.  They were a test and something that I had wanted to try for some time.  Maybe you remember...I was going through a period of using Kaffe Woven Stripes in everything!  I wrote a post about it:  Stripes & More Stripes! 

While I wasn't sure what or if I would make anything out of the two test pieces,  in the end I decided a pillow would be worth the time! 

Here are the two feathers I made using stripes and Kona Khaki.  Since I ran out of the solid and just wanted to make something...I decided a simple pillow would work!

16" x 16"

And it did!  I love the straight line quilting (always) in the Khaki.  The feathers I quilted random lines following the feather direction.  

Classic envelope closure always works for me.  One day I really want to do a hidden zipper. I've heard they are pretty easy!

I am looking forward to a little break from quilting now.  A Holiday break!  Hopefully I will come back rejuvenated, refreshed, kicking my heels up and ready to start a brand new year with a brand new direction!



  1. I love your cushion, the colours are just perfect, and I love the use of the striped fabrics in the feathers! Hidden cushion zips and other closures are really not very hard, and I always stitch the cushion together so that the corners don't stick out so much, too.

  2. I love the use of the woven stripes in this application! It really creates a dynamic looking feather!

  3. Your feathers have made the perfect cushion cover, Jayne. Love the texture created by the quilting. Nice little finish to show for a Christmas break. You deserve it! Looking forward to 2015!

  4. Beautiful Feather Pillows !~! New twist on a familiar phrase. Well done, Jayne.


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