Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good New ~ Bad News

Good News!  I finished my Secret Santa wall hanging for our Guild swap!  Bad news...I can't find the pictures of the finished piece!  

It's been a crazy couple weeks, lot's of things going on.  The hustle and bustle of the season.  Sewing, gift making, shops to run.  If that isn't enough we have been getting the outside of our house painted and having a water heater on the fritz!

So, I suppose it's possible I didn't even take pictures of the wall hanging.  It is possible.  I am happy to say that Kate Alicea loved it!  She requested something bright.  She loves Anna Maria Horner and Kaffe Fasset.  I was happy about that!  And since I wanted to make feathers...this was the perfect time to do just that!

I decided I wanted to ROYGBIV something.  The bold, bright fabrics tipped the scales in that direction.  What I did take pictures of was just the top.  And each feather.  Imagination will be required for the remainder of this post!

The finished size ended up being 24" x 33".  I did straight line quilting that turned out amazing.  You will have to trust me on that one!  The back was a gorgeous floral.  I honestly loved it!




I had a wonderfully fun time making this.  I got to try something I had wanted to try, use some of my favorite fabrics and Kate Alicea was happy!  Win, Win!

This is a project I will revisit again.  On a bigger scale.  And I cannot wait!

Here is the link to Anna Maria Horners tutorial for the feathers:  Feathers Bed Quilt

If you live in or around Nashville and are looking for a Modern Quilt Guild, here is the link to our guild:  Music City Modern Quilt Guild



  1. So pretty. I love the saturated colors. Maybe she will text you a photo that you can share.

  2. Lovely scrappy feathers. Life can get a bit crazy this time of year. Glad Kate Alicea is happy with her wall hanging. Knowing your creative talent... It had to be gorgeous!

  3. Love those scrappy feathers - so beautiful!

  4. These are awesome! Love the fabrics you've got there! Nice work!

  5. These are just stunning.Great rainbow!

  6. Love those feathers! Very pretty

  7. The rainbow feathers look so lovely!

  8. I love your fabric choices! The bold patterns make the overall image even more lively.

  9. The feathers are just gorgeous, I am sure it is wonderful all together. it really is a design I keep meaning to try. x


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