Monday, December 22, 2014

Priceless To Me!

Imagine the year 1939.  

Imagine being a little girl, seven or eight years old.  Maybe a little girl like this one.


I can imagine this little girl looking through the Sears catalog.  Turning each page with care. 

Carefully picking out that one perfect gift for Christmas.  

Wishing and hoping it would be under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning!

And then, carefully opening your gift...hoping...excitement growing with each piece of tape pulled off! 

When finally you see it!  

I can imagine this little girl letting out a squeal, having a smile from ear to ear and thinking this is the greatest gift in the world!

This little sewing machine all bright and shiny.

Just waiting to mend a doll dress.

Sew a bonnet.  Oh, the plans for this little gift!

It's little needle is now broken off.  The dust and rust have settled in.  It has a few imperfections to be sure.  

You may have figured out that that little girl is my Mother.  She has a way of telling stories so much better than I do.  Growing up having nothing much more than your imagination ~ perhaps that is the reason.  

She knew her Mama had to scrimp and save for this little gift.  She knew.  Back then you cherished every gift.  You knew you were lucky to get anything, let alone something brand new.  Which is why this little sewing machine was carefully kept and put away for all these years. 

My Mom has picked some of her cherished pieces from childhood, written poems for each piece and passed them to each of her children.  They may not be worth a lot of money.  It doesn't matter.  They were our Mother's most valuable possessions kept safe and sound all these years.  The memories...that is rich.  

I felt like that little girl of 1939 the other day.  

I received a package in the mail, and inside was this golden nugget!  My sister Kathie, passed it to me.  Complete with the special poem and the aged box it had been stored in for years and years.  I am a little speechless that she entrusted it with me.  It just makes me happy!

While it may not have the bright, shiny or new appearance ~ it brought me so much joy!  It makes you thankful for all those memories you have had with your family.  Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  

We may not live close to one another.  We may not talk often.  We certainly have our ups and downs.  Truth is...I love my family!  I think they know that.  I hope they know that. 

Thank you Kathie for giving me this special gift.  It will be displayed and admired until it is my turn to pass it on.  Here is hoping it lasts another 75 years!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. What a great story and....What a fabulous gift! I know you will enjoy.....Merry Christmas to you Jayne!

  2. What a precious gift! It certainly brings a soft sweet smile, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What an amazing gift and story to pass down...Enjoy...Merry Christmas!

  4. I couldn't have found a better time to start following your blog. :) This little story is a gift in itself. Merry Christmas!

  5. What an awesome surprise to receive in the mail! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Isn't that wonderful! What a treasure you have been given. So cute

  7. Very sweet post, Merry Christmas Jayne!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this truly divine story - I see my mother's face in your mother's little girl picture. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Merry Christmas!!

  9. I love this story and can just imagine the same look on my mother's face - she has a little machine which we have just had restored to perfect working order and now her granddaughters are learning to sew on it. I love the full circle, the sense of family and happiness. Merry Christmas

  10. that is so special!! I just bought my first featherweight after wanting one for 25 years! It's so exciting even now to see a machine that will be yours! That little one is more precious because it was your mom's. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  11. Priceless, what a special gift! Your story is just beautiful.

  12. I know this is an old post but I wasn’t into blogging when you wrote it. Our mothers must be about the same age, and both ‘still going’ as mine would say. This is such a lovely story of a beautiful treasured piece of family history, thank you for sharing.


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