Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 In Review ~ Partially!

This has to be the most productive, exhausting and exciting year in my quilting journey! All through the year we make, sew, quilt, iron...scream and swear and repeat.  But we make it through each and every project (mostly, right?!).  We learn, we share, we admire.  

By the end of said year, we put together these mosaics to remember our excitement, joy, frustration.  Kind of a tribute to the blood, sweat and tears we put in to our craft.  For me, it's hard to remember each and every project whether it is big, small or in between!  These are all pulled from Flickr, even though Instagram is the hottest thing since sliced bread...I still try an post on Flickr. 

1. Vice Versa BOM Quilt Finish., 2. Kaffe Fasset Woven Stripes, 3. Heart For My Mama!, 4. Placemats ~ Color Block, 5. Improv. Finish, 6. Cluster F*#K Finish., 7. Bed Runner Finish!, 8. Kaleidoscope!, 9. Left Overs., 10. Graphic HST, 11. Shards in Light Gray, 12. Table Runner, 13. Pastel Hand Dyed, 14. Table Runner, 15. 'Michael the Magnificent', 16. Big Reveal!!!

1. Briar Rose, 2. Love and Marriage?!, 3. Baby Quilt Take 2, 4. And This Baby Is In The Bag!, 5. Itajime Shibori Coin Purse, 6. Zipper Pouch, 7. Tidy, Compact and Baby Ready., 8. Yum!, 9. Oh Baby!, 10. Buttercup., 11. So, iPads take crappy pictures! @hagpalace (aka my lovely daughter) took this picture of our latest Shibori / indigo dyeing. So lovely! #shibori #indigo #fabicdyeing @hagpalace, 12. Pillow Cover., 13. = togetherness..., 14. Baby Blanket., 15. Wall Hanging, 16. Hand Dyed & Shot Cotton.

I have yet to figure out a good way to add my work in my yearly quilt tab ~ efficiently and easily, so this will have to do for now!  


  1. Very colorful and beautiful! You made a lot of wonderful things last year.


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