Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fabric Heaven~New Stash

Not much excites me more than new fabric!  I hate to admit that, but it's true! Yesterday was pure bliss...

First up:
Bella Solids and Shape Flex Fusible Interfacing.  This batch is Bella Shocking Pink, Aqua and Gray.  Stefanie is a wonderfully talented lady and a member of Music City Modern Quilt Guild. She also has an online fabric shop featuring Moda.  Cotton Bliss. It's fun to order and get your fabric hand delivered!!  

I have never tried the shape flex interfacing.  Stefanie highly recommends it and I decided to give it a try.

I am always one step behind the latest and greatest trends!  Low volume.  Low volume. Low volume.  After expressing interest in acquiring some,  another Guild Member sweetly tagged me on Instagram with some great options.  Jenny seems to always have an awareness of what is current.  She is amazing and I am so happy she roped me into joining our guild!  

These two fat quarter bundles are from Pink Castle Fabrics.  I have to say this is my first purchase from them and I will be back for more!  Super, super fast shipping!

The top bundle is Word Up.  Love the text prints so much!  While I was shopping, I saw the wonderful solids could I resist?!  That bundle is called All The White Stuff.  I cannot wait....

You would think that was enough, right?


The sweetest little surprise was given to me from Kate Alicea!  Also a Guild member and another sweet and generous lady!  She wasn't sure what kind of low volume fabric I was interested in, so she brought me samples from her very own private stash!  

Besides calling this post Fabric Heaven, I should call it Amazing Guild Friends!  Our guild has been growing so fast since I first joined.  I have met some amazing people...all so very talented, hilarious and amazing!  I look forward to our monthly meetings so much.  Secretly, I wish every Saturday was a guild meeting!!!



  1. That was so nice of Kate!! She is such a doll, love her. I kind of wish it were Guild every Saturday too. I love our group!

    1. She is a sweet lady! You are too BTW!! I really enjoy the time we get to hang out…one of my highlights each and every month!

  2. Wow that is brilliant low volume stashing, I often look at that Word Up bundle and covet it! But shipping to the UK is expensive and I've had quite a lot of fabric from Pink Castle recently so am holding off (for now!). Do you have any sewing plans for those fabrics?

    1. I wish I had plans for the fabric! The bundle is amazing though!

  3. Ooooh those text prints! Enjoy all those goodies

  4. Yikes, I am seriously drooling over all those fabrics!

  5. I LOVE the Word Up bundle and other low volume bundles at Pink Castle Fabrics. They are unrivaled for low volume bundles, I think! Gorgeous additions!

  6. I am glad the guild is working for you. Always nice to be surrounded by people that like and do what you do.


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