Monday, January 19, 2015

Batik Jelly Roll Finish

Time to share my first quilt finish of the year.  Here is is January 19th and I haven't finished a quilt yet...what the heck?!

I started this quilt the first week of the New Year.  Total Opposite.  Using a beautiful Batik Jelly Roll for the inspiration.  

51" x 73"
The colors are amazing!  My first thought was not to use the greens, but in the end I feel they work and don't stand out like a sore thumb!

I machine quilted using a straight line grid and then filled in some of the blocks with a free motion 'finger' design.  Free motion quilting is something I am not comfortable with.  I'm getting pretty good with the crazy finger design!  Hopefully I can try something else on the next project!

Normally borders don't make the cut with my quilts.  This one needed a beautiful frame and using the rich, dark purple worked for me.  The purple is Kona Regal and was available at Joann's at one time.

I love pieced backs.  I knew I wanted to use a few different colors.  Having an extra batik block, I got my 'log cabin' on and pieced this large version.  Around the batik block is Kona Regal, from there it goes to Cerise, Hibiscus, Purple and Indigo!  (all Kona)

I did say I was going to get a tutorial for this block...and it's just about finished!  Yay! I'll get that posted soon!



  1. Congrats on the first finish! Love that back!

  2. It looks great! I think all the colors look nice together.

  3. those are colors I adore together, but never seem to get it as right as you do in this work! thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! 'Throwing' them together in one big quilt...Love it! And so simple!

  4. I love batiks! This looks great!

  5. very nice colour combination!


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